14/46 Sprocket Combo

Anybody running a 46 in the rear, with the stock 14 in front?...and how do you like it?

I ran 14/45 in Mexico a few months ago........no problems, ran great, good gas mileage.......next time I'm going to try 15/45.

For runnin the MM's area(tight) I think the 13/48 is best.


Have had that set up for about a month now makes for me more controlable 1st gear down hills as a lot of my riding is hard pack with sandstone outcrops.Also use the pig to go to work about 40kl(25miles)round trip mainly 80kph(50mph)up to 110kph(70mph) does it easy,previous to this I had 15/41 std,15/48,14/48 now 14/46 I`m quite happy so far with the combo.Fitted new tyres front perelli mt18/rear michilen ac10 seem to be wearing ok had kenda trackmaster didn`t wear well at all good on road no good trail. Well I`ve got of the topic I`ll go now

Steve B.

Thanks, Guys...

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