Rear wheel spacer? Brain check!

Alright, what gives? Is this just me? I had my bike apart to replace 4th gear. While it was down I had it powder coated. I was putting the rear wheel on (new bearings) and it seems like there is a spacer missing? There is about a 3/4 inch gap on the swingarm from the spacers. Is that much spring normal or am I missing somthing? It seems odd to me for some reason. I need a second opinion. I think I just never noticed this before. Thanks, ---Mike

Chain gauges on? They're only maybe 1/4 inch thick tho.

And are the bearings seated properly?

Brake assy. takes up some room on the axle too. I forgot to put that on once. :)

[ August 01, 2002: Message edited by: Fly-nBri ]

Holly cow! I got up yhis morning and realized that I forgot the caliper! It is amazing what a 14 hour day can do to ones mind. How embarrising :) --Mike

LOL ya didnt notice it laying on the floor there huh? STARBUCKS

How did the frame turn out?

Ha! Another besides me!

I noticed a huge difference with that thing off.

I noticed it shortly tho and then cussed a bit cuz all was put back together. I hate re-do's. But I'm doin it alot since I had the extended vacation away from moto x.

Glad to be back tho! And still learnin!

Your right Shawn....the solution in caffeine!!!!

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