XR650R Seat and Suspension Hardness...

Well.. This is my first post here.. I have been riding an '83 XR500 for the last 5 years and have probably put 20,000 miles on it. I bought it from a friend that had put probably 60,000 miles on it. The fact is that the power was waning and I wanted something that I could wheelie through third gear like I used to do on my '81 XL500...

I could talk forever about the comfort of putting 300 BLAP'ng miles a day without a sore arse on my XR500, but now I have a 650R and its like sittin on a 2x6 between two POGO STICKS!

A typical ride for me is 40-100 miles of street before I lay down 20-60 miles of fire road and then 5-20 miles of single track. All the while I am carrying about 40-60lbs of camping gear strapped to a rack on the back of the bike.

Granted, steering the 500 was a work out thrashing the stearing head back n forth to keep you upright and somewhat straight on steep rutted rocky single track, but it would absorb the boulders nicely all while SITTING DOWN.

Seat height and foam absorbtion was just right for those times when youd have to spread eagle and paddle up some deeply pocked and rutted gash.

Now I have a new 650R. I bought it from a guy that put 90 miles on it and then promptly parked it in his garage after he figured it was to tall for him.

In the last couple of weeks I have put maybe 400 miles on the bike testing it on asphalt twisties, fire roads and single track (Ortega Trail, Ojai). Damned if I don't need a new KIDNEY :thumbsup:. (This is when you young MX'rs tell me why a seat shaped like a gymnast's balance beam is better!)..

If theres any of you out there that know what Im talking about and have made some seat mods I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for listning and I look forward to being a part of thumpertalk...

Keep Blapin..

Sorry no answer for the springs. My answer for the seat? Get in the gym and so squats for firmness, OK hardness, like you appreciate on a feminita. That will solve your arse problem ( sorry for the British accent on the arse word). If you firm up your whole body you'll be able to throw your BRP around like a 90LB hooker from Caracas...

Where is Caracas and can I ride there?

I frankly am suprised after checking some of the other sites that I might be the only person that is complaining about the seat. I would like to here from anyone that bought the tall-soft foam from Baja Designs and get there take on it.

Any standards on preload, compression and dampning scenarios for a 190 pounder?


I cut out the center of the seat leaving about 1" on the outside edges on the part of the seat where I would be sitting for highway rides. I took an old piece of soft cushion foam , rolled it up and duct taped the middle and the ends. Then I placed this in the cut out cavity and stapled the seat cover back on. This made a small increase in seat height toward the rear (doesn't look bad IMHO) and is much more comfortable.



I asked the same question a month or so ago. I have mine dualsported, and the seat is like a brick on the road after a half hour or so. And I do squats. I weigh 200 lbs. for what it's worth. One person suggested sharpening a pipe nipple, and cutting plugs out of the bottom side of the foam in the area where you sit the most. Sounds like a good idea, but I haven't tried it yet. Adjust your compression dampeners most of the way out, this should help. Also, you can switch to a lighter fork oil. This should help. If you do the hair plug thing, let us know how it works!

Good luck,

Winkel :thumbsup:

You want a nice, soft seat and soft, plush suspension, get a KX500, it has a nice, soft seat and very nice, plush suspension. But the engine, oh yes, that engine is not a friendly beast. Ragged on the low end, but spinning cleanly into an insanely brutal midrange, all the while remaining bulletproof reliable and ready to kick your ass when you're least expecting it. Adds a whole new dimension to yanking your arms out of their sockets. 3rd gear is all that is necessary, at any speed.

But for some unknown reason, I still find myself riding my XR650R more often. Less tiring overall, similar overall torque output, but MUCH more controllable.

Here is what I have done - Try an SDG seat from www.sdgusa.com. You can get them in either tall or standard for about $100 complete ready to bolt on. I am 6' and have both. For long dual sport rides the tall might be best as it has a little more foam but I like the standard for getting down into the corners. Either way it is better than stock. The other thing to do of course is to get your suspension revalved with the appropriate coil spring for your weight. Another trick is to wear bike shorts which helps reduce monkey butt after long rides. Lastly, stand on the pegs more. :thumbsup:

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