tips for removing tank decals

just got new tank and shroud decals in the mail today, anybody have any good tips to remove the old tank decals

Never done it...but I have heard that a hair dryer or heat gun will soften the adhesive and make the removal much easier.

Just not too much heat or you will melt the tank.

This works Toooooo


Make sure there is no gas in the tank though :)

I gotta find another picture

[ August 01, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Ego...I knew you were going to post that picture again. The door was wide open for it! :)

thanks for the tips. ego's pic may be a bit aggressive, but could be good as a last resort.

I just replaced my tank and shroud decals on my 02 WR. Got a corner started and it peeled off with no resi do do. Wiped em down with some alcohol, installed new F effex kit with no troubles.


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