WR450 Update

Here is an update on my WR450 2003 I bought in May.

When I bought the bike and rode it the first time I was disappointed. Hills and such that I had always done with ease on my 97 RMX 250 were more difficult on the WR450. I couldn't outrun any of my son's bikes. ( KLX 300 RM 250 KX500)

I started reading TT and here is what I did, in the order that I did it.

1st Ride - Bone Stock - See comments above

1st set of Mods

Acerbis hand guards

04 Starter upgrade

GTYR Exhaust tip

2nd Ride - Performed about the same, just glad to know that the woodruff key shouldn't be an issue.

2nd Mods

YZ throttle stop

Grey wire mod

Take restrictor out of air box

165 MJ

Move 1 clip on needle

3rd ride - Much better. Like a different bike!! Runs very good, but not perfect.

3rd Mods

JD jet kit - I was somewhat concerned about spending $65 for a few jets, but I did it anyway.

Blue needle - 3rd pos

170 Main Jet

Zip TY screw

4th ride - Awesome!! Can't keep the front wheel on the ground anymore. Unless I am taking off, or you have to come to a complete stop on a hairpin turn of something, I rarely even you 1st gear. The bike pulls so hard from low RPM to high RPM, just give it the gas.

I can out run the KLX300 and RMX250. The KX500 is still faster, but at least I am in the same ball park with him now.

4th Mods

Brake light switch added

Folding mirror

License plate bracket

Went to BMV and got plates.

Thanks to all the advise and help from those at TT.


Do you need to re-jet after you advance the timing (grey wire mod) or is that just fine tuning it???

I have removed the baffle, not by choice and will be pulling the air box restrictor out this weekend.

I'm very hesitant to cut the grey wire on the CDI unit...

I'm not a mechanic so working on my bike is limited to minor things, but my goal is to become a complete gear head with this thing eventually, with the help from all you guys. I just don't want to have to learn in order to ride the thing.


You don't have to cut the grey wire. Just disconnect it and put some electrical tape over the end. If you don't like the performance, plug the wire back in.

Does anyone know where I can get a JD jet kit here in the UK? Or anyone in the US that does them and will ship them to me?

i use the j.d. needles and think they're great stuff. that said, if the tt store can not ship overseas try the '04 needle. they are an improvement on the '03.

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