BK Carb Mod - Question on pump timing

I did the BK carb mod on my bike last night, but i'm having problems figuring out which way to turn the screw to get the spray to "just miss" the slide.....anyone who can give me some help, please reply. :thumbsup:

the BK mod screw that you installed controls the duration of the pump. No matter what you do with this screw, the start of the spray will stay the same. The other screw (the original one) controls the timing. Can't recall which way it goes, but looking at the pic I'd say clockwise will bring the spray closer to the slide. Remove the carby and set it up on the bench :thumbsup:

Here is a write up I did on the Mod and setting it up.

GBmod Explained

A dialog will appear you can choose to save it to disk or Open.

If you open it may take a few seconds to download the Photo's as well

Hope it helps

Well, thanks for the info :thumbsup:..I went riding on sunday, and the bike was insane!!! It has soooo much torgue, that it was dancing under me..it's gonna take me several rides to get used to the bike again.

Is the BK Mod necessary on the 03/04 WR's?

That I am not sure honestly

Can the 03 04 benifit form the mod?

Again I am not sure

I would think yes, the mod if done and adjusted correctly would bennift the bottom end repsonse...

paparick your welcome

But honestly

You can Thank Garret Motoman393 Berg :thumbsup::devil:

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