Rear spokes

I am trying to find one or two rear spokes for a 2000 WR400F. 18" rear wheel. The spoke has a very slight bend, almost straight. Can't find anyone that will sell single spokes and Yamaha only sells the kits at $65.oo. Thanks for the help.

I had to replace about 5 spokes on my 03 WR450 shortly after I got it (don't ask). I got a full set cause I worked at a Yamaha dealer at the time and could get them for cost(about $35). I'm not sure if they're the same as your 2000 but let me know which sizes you need. They have 2 different legnth spokes on the rear wheel. PM me with your address and I'll send you a couple if you think they'll work :thumbsup:.

I'm almost certain they will work fine.

If they do pls post it on TT so we all know what interchanges

Why did you have to replace those spokes. I just had to buy a new rim and spoke set for my '03wr450.....Im not sure why, I never had to on my xr650r...he said that I never tightened the spokes at the shop but I definitley did...I ended up buying that spoke torque wrench to make sure I dont have to shell out htis money again to do this....

Let's just say I put the bike in gear but left my brain in neutral.

BTW: Did you know: If you dump the clutch, in first gear, with the engine WFO, on a 03 WR450F, with only the free mods performed, you can snap TWO 1/2" cable locks at the same time with the rear wheel. :thumbsup:

Let's just say I put the bike in gear but left my brain in neutral.

Hmmm...I did that in the campground of the enduro 2 weekends ago but I had a disk lock on.

Almost fell over but managed to salvage at least some pride what with many onlookers and all!!

There was no pride left for me to salvage :awww:.

The bike was in the bed of my truck at the time and I was goofing off at my car club meet one Saturday back in Mississippi. I was on my way home from my job at the Yamaha dealer when I arrived and everyone started to check out my new (at the time) WR450. I was telling everyone about what I had done to it so far and stuff I was going to do to it in the future. Everyone wanted to hear it how loud it was (I had just taken out the baffle) but I didn't want to take it out of the bed of the truck there in the parking lot. So, I just started it in the back of the truck. One of the guys in the club must of been jealous cause he started his car and revved it up to try and show how loud HIS exhaust was. I responded by revving my WR motor and he musta felt he needed to take it to the next level. He put on his e-brake and proceeded to try to do a burn out (all he got was a few stutter chirps :lol: LOOSER!). Well, when everyone stopped laughing, he said that he doubted I could do any better and that was why I didn't want to take it off of the truck. Silly Wabbit! I don't need to take it out of the truck to do a burnout :thumbsup:.

At this point, not only was my brain in neutral, the common sense functions of my brain were in the dungeon getting tortured by the testosterone monster :D.

I was already sitting on the bike so I grabbed the clutch and put it in first gear. The next sequence of events went by so fast I'll just summarize: Revved motor WFO, dump clutch, RPM's still high so I grab second gear, smell rubber burning, then third, see smoke, then fourth, LOTS of smoke. As I grab fifth, I see a little piece of something fly forward and hit the back window of the truck and bounce off. I thought I chunked a knob (nope, not that lucky :devil:).

Right then, Common Sense broke out of the dungeon and took a look around to see what just got screwed up while he was out. I had the sudden sinking feeling that I forgot something major before I started the smokeshow.

As the smoke cleared, I saw that everyone that was gathered around the truck were now at least 50 ft away. I looked at the back wheel to check for missing knobs when I saw it. Something was wrapped up in the spokes. That some thing turned out to be one of the two 1/2" cable locks that used to be strung through the rear wheel and out to each back corner of the bed. One of them had shatered the lock barrel and got wrapped up into the spokes and the rear caliper. The other lock, the cable itself was ripped in half and flew out of the back of the truck about 30 ft. I couldn't belive the damage the bike had done to the cables and lock! I was able to unwind the cable wrapped up in the spokes and pull the pieces of vinly cable covering out of the caliper. The rear wheel itself had two busted nipples and three slightly bent spokes.

What blew my mind afterwards was that the bike busted those locks like butter and didn't ever give any indication of any kind of resistance.

LIKE I SAID EARLIER, DON'T ASK! :lol: :lol: :lol:

.... the common sense functions of my brain were in the dungeon getting tortured by the testosterone monster :awww:

hmmm, I seem to visited more than my fair share by this little devil.

Thought I was the only one !!! :thumbsup::devil:

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