shattered damping rods

came up a fewfeet short and flat landed a huge stepdown table the other day. landed rear tire first to try and softent he blow, but the leverage slammed my front end down and my forks went poop. i ripped them open last night and found my damper rods in pieces, anyone have this problem?


What missing the Jump ? :D

Or shattered Forks ?

My Guess Jump

No not me I cant even make it around a tt corner with out crashing :)

Man nilla thats going to be expensive, Are you looking into a set of PC or Ohlins

Was the suspension dialed in for your weight and riding ability?

How big a guy are you? I don't think they should have grenaded like that on you.

It's hard to find springs for a 600lb gorilla. :)

This is wild!!!!

The rod should have never taken an impact like that. Did someone modify your fork?

Bummer that Yamaha doesn't sell these separate from the cartridge assemblies.

I may have a set aroud here, but they need some restoration.


oh i already took care of replacement parts. i work at a aftermarket parts dealer and was able to get a hold of some trick kayaba factory parts , hehehe. anyways, im about 230lbs and the suspensionw as set up for my weight, and for agressive motocross riding, by factory connection. it wasnt their fault. i know kawisaki's had thsi problem a few years ago, so im thinking its a yamaha brainfart or something, but im not too worried. I got it almost all back together. Anyways, it was a really really hard hit that caused those things to snap. I dont think ive ever even come close to bottoming my forks so hard before, so im not really surprised that something gave way.

talk to Rees Firestone at Pro-Action Suspension

he is excellant . his # is 610-797-7740

also drop some pounds.....if your over 250 lbs. you should have the springs redone.heavier springs would have saved you.also revalving.

i have factory connections 4.9 and 6.0 springs as well as thier motocross race valving. im well aware of what effects my suspension. and the valving and springs did not save me did they?


Can you post a picture of the damaged damper rods. I would like to see if they exploded or crumpled.

Thats brutal. Ive never heard of that. You should post that on on the Suspension page. Jeremy Wilkey could probably direct you to a problem, but he's out racing for the next couple of weeks.

Good luck

I would just like to know how close to the cap the rods snapped.

they snapped about 4-6 inches below the cap and took the plastic spring guides with them. one of them is in 4 pieces, the other in 10 or so. ill get a pic as soon as possible. do you think yamaha had a batch of brittle rods and maybe did not care to let anyone know, or correct the problem? ive already fixed the forks though with new rods and spring guides, as well as comletely dissassembled the forks to clean out any chunks that mave have gotten into it. also new seals installed.

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