UFO chain slider a piece of crap?

I just replaced my (what I assume to be the stock) chain slider (front of swing arm) and put a new UFO unit on it. I have ridden the bike about 100 mi. on dirt roads/two-tracks, and the think is almost worn completely through. When I sit on the bike the chain is about a half inch above the slider when it is taught, so I don't know how it would wear out so fast. Are these units just junk? My chain is just a tad tight, but it's not like a bow string at all. Would running the chain a tad loose make any difference? As far as sag is concerned, the bike is set for a lighter rider than 195lbs. so I don't think that is a problem. Any help would be appreciated. Is there a better brand of chain slider I should use? What are your guys' thoughts?

Thanks :thumbsup:

Use a MSR or TM design guard or an OEM one.. All of the UFO plastic is crap, it lasts about 30% of what the stock plastic does. And the holes rarely match up well.. Just my 2 cents. :thumbsup:

Yes, the UFO slider is a piece of crap. I got one once thinking I was clever because it was cheap but it lasted only a few rides before it was toast. I stick with OEM now. One hint for prolonging the life of these things: glue them down to the top of the swingarm. I use "Automotive Goop". It keeps it from flopping around and wearing prematurely.

It fits poorly and wears out your swingarm too.

I'll never use one again.

I put a UFO slider on a few months ago. I ride every weekend. It's worn, but still has a lot of life left. I put some 3mm rubber mat on top of the swingarm and stuck it down with sikaflex.

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