Dyno'd my YZ450 today.........

It has about an hour run time on it up and down the road and in the field a bit. Changed the oil, left everything just the way I got it off the showroom floor, jetting, air cleaner, pipe, everything(except the chain and a dirttrack tire). It made 45.1 rear wheel H.P. That was a little disapointing, but I think it may still be a tad tight yet. What Web Cams phone #?? :thumbsup: I'll keep ya posted, but I should be ordering some goodies real soon. BTW, it's an '04

Have you ever dynoed your CRF? What did it put out?

From my experience I'd say you have a good one with a lot of potential. :thumbsup:

No, I've never dyno'd the Honda. I flattrack race it, usually on short tracks so I'm not that interested in hp on that bike, more after it being easy to ride. The Yamaha will be my ice bike and raced in the pro class. I can use the hp on that bike seeing as traction is everywhere. I hope to be making 55-58hp with the YZ, that is about what my CR500 makes.

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