crf 450

has anyone of you raced against a honda crf 450 which bike is faster?

Faster off the line or corner to corner or what? I've never just drag raced against one but I've raced against alot of them and they don't seem to be able to pull me on the straights so I assume they're not faster. On another note they don't seem to be able to hang the inside of corners nearly as well as my 426.

its the RIDER not the bike

im faster on the YZF

The rider is always what makes a bike faster. This same question was posted on the Honda CRF site and they said the same.

My neighbor just bought an 03 CRF450. I will give it a spin around the track tonight. My guess is that both bikes are really is just a matter of which bike you are most comfortable on and can push the hardest.

Hands down bone stock switched riders on each bike the CRF is Faster in a all out drag race. this is no flame I have rode and owned both I love the CRF and I love the YZF I will wait one year for the 04 yzf i never buy a first year bike it is always the prototype, just like the CRF I am glad I waited a year. Next year YZF

i agree... who buys these bikes to drag race...last i looked mx has turns, jumps & whoops... not to mention dirt that changes from sand to hardpack, loam to mud.. etc...

hence my example above about the 80 cc kid passing the drag racer on the real track...

my lawnmower is faster than yours :)

C'mon, we all know there both dogs.........

Neither could probably even beat my grandmother in her wheelchair.........

Now, here's a real race machine.........


Got smoked by one the other day.......but that's only because he was a real good rider :) !

Dodger :D:D

If you go on straight horsepower,i believe the 02 426 was rated at 48 horses and the 02 450 was rated at 50. But riding is 80% and 10% bike and proper setup.

Originally posted by clw9154:

But riding is 80% and 10% bike and proper setup.

What is the other 10%? Luck? Nitrous? Illegal narcotics? Pit babes? Tell me the pro's secret, I need to know! I want my other 10%! :)

Young guy on a CRF450 w/Akrapovic full system wanted to do some starts (long uphill) against this 230 pounder on his stock 426. I beat him 6 out of 6. Then we did short starts on flat ground, I won another 5 out of 5. He wanted to trade bikes for a while. We both agreed which bike pulled harder and was faster. He'll be switching to a YZ

Dodger, I had one of them in highschool and but it had peddles too :) , they called it a moped. Know why? Ya did mo peddlin than anything else!

So if you had a CRF running on Methanol and Nitro and you got shot in the head, would you still die? Drag racing, good lord. I always thought it would be way more interesting with a hair pin at the other end. OR better yet, a block wall. Lets see how good ya are on the brakes? :D

Take a yzf, run it way rich, bend the forks so they are at the wrong angle, cut holes int he air filter, and strip the paint. you get a crf! hehehe, in all honesty, i think they yzf pulls the crf in actual all out punch and torque, the crf is lighter tho. in my opiniont he crf handles akward, but supposedly the crf had this problem fixed for '03. anyways, this is a blue bike forum and i have to vote against the little red tiddler.

I don't understand why some of you guys are so hung up about which bike is faster drag racing or which has more horser power. Like someone mentioned earlier, it's mostly rider.

By the way, I was beaten by a kid on a YZ125 going straight. I guess the YZ125 has more power than my 450. :) "it's all rider..."


That would be 80% rider, and 20% bike w/ proper setup.

Damn you Bud Light....killlin' my math skills.

No doubt WestLADog. It be all about da rider. For the last 2 weeks I've found myself hunting down this lady. She's fast, and on a 250F, and I'm ridin' a '02 426F. Might help if I open it up past halfway, but then it get's real scary.

Ha haha. Both bikes are probably faster than most guys on this forum can ride ' included.

If you all want to know which bike is the fastest then you need to include the KX500 and the Sand Dunes and you will find out. The KX500 will take top honors in a straight.

Rider rider rider rider rider.

2-stroke, 4-stroke, 6-stroke (my old cr missed really bad :) ) It dosent matter what your riding. Its all about the rider. If it was about the bike then Cooper would be kickin everyones ass on that 78hp monster. Who's gettin the holeshot? RC.

Just got back from the track this evening. My buddy and I switched bikes after a few laps. He rode my 02 426 and I rode his 03 450CRF.

We both said at the same time, "man your bike is fast. I like how it handles"...and laughed knowing that you guys would still be debating on which bike is faster while we were having a blast on the track.

Both bikes are fast. Both handle great. The rest is personal or red. :)

have to disagree ...

rapture bought my 00 426 & we did several starts with my CRF 450 & both bikes are very close... would depend on who hooked up first...

now not that that matters cuz in a drag race they will both spank the lil kid on the 80 who passes ya later on on the actual track ...

its been said time & time again... & holds true... its all gonna boil down to the RIDER...

example ... Rapture took a 4 yr layoff from the sport...i kept riding... he buys my bike & first practice out after a few warm up laps he is FLat smokin me ... just like 4 yrs prior... sure i could ride more laps but he would flat out run circles around me(until he fell over & died)... even after a 4 yr layoff...

This whole drag race thing is outa control!

Who keeps holeshotting? Cooper, Dowd, Ferry. Coops on that KTM 1100 (sic)though so.....

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