02 WR426 with Hotcams

It has taken awhile to finally get these results posted.

On March 27 the timing mark cover came off and ran my bike out of oil in a desert race. The intake cam and head jounal took all of the abuse. Engine Dynamics did a great job of fixing the head and I decided it would be a great time to replace the exhaust cam for the auto-decompression in addition to the trashed intake, both are Hotcams.

After dealing with some issues with the head, Mike's at Engine Dynamics customer service is by far the best I have ever delt with and I highly recommend his services, I got the engine back together June 19. On the ride to break in the cams the two biggest things I noticed were it starts like my old XR80 (read very little effort) and the bike seem to pull harder because I was constantly trying to shift up from 5th.

Unfortunately before I could really exploit the full potential of my new found power band, I hit a log in the wash I was riding that sent me over the bars and head first into the dirt. It took a little while to recover from getting the wind knocked out of me but I made my way bike over to the bike. It was very painful and took all of my strength but I was able to get it upright and it started within a half of a kick. The good news is the bike suffered no damage and I really love the new cams, the bad news if I fractured two vertebra and crack a rib. After a fun visit to the hospital and a couple of nights stay my injuries showed to be non threatening to my spinal cord and I should be good as ever when the fractures heal.

The Hotcams as a set get :thumbsup::devil: just watch out when you release all the power on unsuspecting logs and avoid doing my impression of a post hole auger. :awww:

Ouch :devil: How deep was the hole you dug? It would be a shame if you fracture two vertebra and didn't even get to dig a good hole with your new found auger. :awww::lol:

Heal quickly and get back on the bike :thumbsup:

Congrats on the EDCO/hotcams cocktail.

Sorry about your misfortune but your enthusiasm is refreshing.

I wish you fast heal :thumbsup:

Wow, fascinating story! Did you land more or less flat on your back?...F1's Ralph Schumacher sustained very similar injuries from slamming backwards in the wall at about 200 mph in Indy's US GP. It took him a week and a half to learn about his 2 broken vertebras. A full recovery is expected.

Interesting feedback on the hot, easy starting cams. :thumbsup:

I landed on the top of my head which transfered all my momentum into my spine. If I could have slid somehow I would have probably only sustained some scrapes and bruises, its that sudden stop that will mess you up. Crashing sucks but I don't plan on giving up riding. Some say I am foolish and lucky I didn't kill myself but I really enjoy riding and I will use this as a learning experience (logs are evil :thumbsup:).

What I can say with confidence is that I highly recommend EDCO for cylinder head repair, the Hotcams set with auto decompression for the 426 are a great combo, and beware of evil logs that try to plant you head first into the dirt.

ps. Last week I retrieved evil log, actually more of a dead tree, from the desert to make a trophy out of the end with my tire marks. The rest will be made into firewood so that the demons can be exercised. :devil:

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