Color code???

Hello. The paint on my frame has worn off some places. Does anyone know the color code to the Yamaha blue. I asked my dealer, but he told me Yamaha doesen't give it out.


01' 426 stock

Good luck. I tried this too, got nowhere. If you insist on a perfect match you'll have to go to an automotive supplier and pay $50.00+ for a quart of it. You can find some Ford colors that are VERY close, but they can also custom match.

I gave up and just used a royal blue that was close enought to suit me. Looks better than rust.

PJ1 has spray paint that is a very close (if not exact)match and it holds up pretty good. Get some clear for better protection. I painted my yz250 with it and it turned out looking great. Prep the frame right before you start.

Also, you might want to call the powder coat company in CA that does Team Yamaha's frames....I can't remember their name..starts with an E...anyone know the name? I am sure they could help.

Hope that helps


I can not believe Yamaha does not have a pint code for the bikes...

Has anyone called a ditrict rep ?

Or yamah corp USA?

If PJ1 w/ white primer and supplied clear coat isn't an exact match, then it is so close I cannot tell the difference.

But then I painted my entire frame. When I set the subframe off my pal's almost-new WR next to my frame the color looked identical.

You need a few thick coats...

While you guy's are talking about powder coating and such... I have a few questions. I stripped my bike down to have it powder coated and was wondering what you guys do to cover some of the area's before they sand blast it? How do you get the holes close up so sand wont get into the area of the frame were oil goes. I have a 99 YZ400F.


Embee coatings in Santa Ana. You have to really careful with the masking and you WILL get sand in the oil resi.

I forgot his name but he had his done, and got sand in the oil resi, and now he's got a beautiful bike with no motor. Sand killed the whole motor. Nothing salvageable. If it was me, Id leave the dipstick in and just by a new one. leave the lines attache to the spigots and just plug the ends with steel stock of some kind, and then replace those too. It should stay clean that way. Ive seen some powder coated bikes. The end up almost too pretty to ride.

When I do mine, the frame goes black, and Im gonna get a Hurricane kit, and a yellow tank. Give me goose bumps thinkin about it.

Ooops forgot Embees phone number 714-546-6907.

They did the ceramic coating on my pipe. Turned out bitchen. That stuff is really tough.

Isnt Embee the place where Thumpsalad got muckked up???

I think the company that makes the paints for Yamaha is Colorite and you have to order the paint directly through them. I kept on bugging my local dealer and he finally got me some but it is pretty expensive and it took a few weeks to get it but it's a perfect match.

Ego, ya but it was kinda thumps fault though too, they told him what he needed to know. Bruce the guy that runs Embee, has a 250F and understands whats up.

They tell ya straight up that the frame may be pretty but its not ready to go until YOU clean the resivoir.

Gosh I feel bad for Thumpsalad, did you ever see a pic of his bike after it was done? SSSSSSAAAAAAAweeeeeetttttt! Too bad its all blow'd up.

Ooops, how do you post a URL?

Here it is....

Color Rite Distributing Co.

Color chart /pntchrt.cfm


Thanks for the tips guys. I think I'll give the PJ1 a go.

Talked to my friendly local dealer today, and he told me the 450's will be here in mid september, and it will cost the same here in Norway as a 02' 426 atleast until xmas. Thats like 6200 dollars. I'm gonna get me one for shure.

Thanks Matt, I just emailed my order.

So can someone tell me some way's to clean out the resi.? I was thinking about maybe just some cheap bottles of oil and just pouring them through and letting them run out with the strainer out of the bottom? Any other way's??

Take the strainer off, and use some kero and slosh it through... oil would move too slowly and bits would be caught in the corners and threads etc... kero or metho or turps or such would help to loosen all that stuff and having the strainer off would let it run out easily...

Before you send the bike for sandblasting and coating, just get some bolts that fit in the oil lines - then they will be discarded after you get the frame back, and use an old dipstick or whatever, go to a bike wrecker and get anything that fits, then you won't have the crap in there in the first place... and it will protect your threads as well...


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