Changing Tires

I am going to change my first tire by myself. Any tips?

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Is this a puzzle game??

Ok, Ill play.

Lubing chain.

changing underwear

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Changing from dark paneling to sheetrock, I JUST WANT WHITE WALLS like the rest of the country....


Ok that was silly, but true, im goin to bed...

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I've GOT to stop posting so much... guess I'm waiting for my computer at work more than I thought.. Here's what I've learned:

1) Get some good tire irons, only a few bucks at the local motorcycle shop. Be careful, you're bound to slip with an iron and those things hurt if they fling back at you!

2) Warm rubber is more flexable, if you can leave the tires in the sun or something to get them warm

3) Work in small sections. Don't try to dismount or remount half the tire at once, work in small pieces until you get the hang of it.

4) If the rubber is getting stuck on the rim then use something like windex to make the tire slip. After it's on the windex will evaporate

5) When you put the new tire on, it may not appear to be on strait (some parts higher than others). It should fix itself after a short ride or lap around the track.

6) Put a small piece of duct tape over the bearings to keep the dirt out while you work.

7) ummm... practice makes perfect? Have patience!

It's not bad at all, especially if you have good irons. Maybe someone can give you more/better tips. Good luck!

Windex Lots of windex

1: New tube also

2: Windex the bageepers inside the tire once one side is mounted

3: slide new tube in

4: inflat new tube untill just round 1 - 2 psi

5: Windex thew bageepers out of the outside tire

6: start at the RIM Lock making sure both beads are in the inside deepest pocket of the rim

7: before starting 1 - 6 get some good tire irons

beer, it helps you not feel the banged up knuckles.

Don't get discouraged, my first time changing tires took forever because I did not know what I was doing.

Keep the tire pressed into the center bead while you are working your way around with the tire irons. I usually step on both sides of the tire while mounting. This makes it much easier because you are not having to stretch the tire so far. I usually dont even have to apply soapy water or windex until the tire is mounted (this also helps because the tire irons are less likely to slip off). I then apply soapy water to both sides to get the tire to seat in the rim during inflation.

Pay your local shop the 10 bucks and have them do it. Took me 2 1/2 hours on my first one and a popped tube. The patch leaked and it went flat in 2 days. Luckily it lasted long enough for me to ride the next day.

Also get a heavy duty tube.

Get a friend to help.

It took me and my stepfather about an hour to do out first tire.

if your doing a rear tire make sure the sprocket is facing down or you will shred you knuckles.

While you have the tire off replace the flimsy piece of rubber covering the spoke nipples with some duct tape.

The A#1 hint for avoiding pinched tubes is this:

Once the tube has been inserted into the tire, air it up a couple of times to allow the tube to seat itself. Let almost all the air out, but leave about 1-2 PSI in it.. just enough for it to keep it's round shape. That will keep it off the sidewall of the rim and out of pinch territory.


Dude I can do a tire in about 15-20 min. I prefer MR.Clean to windex. just start small and use small bites with the tire iron( i prefer motionpro mediums 18.00 a piece). just work slow until you get the hang of it. also always work disc side up so you can hook an iron under it and use both hands on the otherone . like i said i can do a tire in about 15-20 min( i work at a bike shop and i get to do most of the tires). Also when putting tire back on with the tube in it, take very small bites and be carefunl how deep you go with irons or you will be buying a new tube.

The reason it took 2 hours was because I had to do it essetially twice. I popped the tube with like 5 inched left on the tire, so I had to take it off and then sand down the spot on the tube, patch it, wait for the patch to dry, then start over again. Of course I decided to do it the night before riding.

Darn stiff wall Michelin.

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Another tip would be sure that you're in direct sunlight while mounting the tire. And rememeber sun block is for wimps. Its also prefferable to have the humidity level above 80%, and have a dog take a dump within 10-12 feet of where you'll be working. The lingering flys and aromatics help dramatically. Especially in the 115 degree heat of the direct sun light.

The reason for this? That next beer is gonna be the best of your life.

LOL I was laughing so hard while writing this, I couldnt hardly type! Just picture the above. Some poor half drunk, sun burned hack out in the driveway wrestling with a motorcycle tire, his knuckles all ripped up, and then he blows the thing up and the tube is pinched. Its like a train wreck, ya cant watch, but you cant look away either.

I'm gonna put together a video and sell it

Egos 15 min tire burn :D

Geez I can not believe it is taking people up to two hrs to replace a freaking tire.

Im seriuos I'm going to video "tire replace 101"

No wonder the Parts guy I got me parts from was shocked I did my own forks and shocks. He said DUUUDE !!!Like I never new anyone who did his own work dude like freaking unbalievable mannnnn! AlllRight

See what todays muzic has done to our kids :)

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Shawn Mc, thats to funny i'm still lmao.Then after the poor fool thinks he's done an sits down to enjoy a beer he see's the rim lock that he forgot to put back in layin in the driveway.

I can change mine in 14 minutes :)

No really...I can :D

Use a lot of WD-40 or similar lubricant. If you have a tire iron or two you shouldn't have a problem. I've done my rear tire in about 15 minutes. Practice makes perfect. Good luck.


On a tire

Geez mang ok lets just pour 30 wt oil on it.

Always Windex or a liquid soap mixture, these will evaporate,,,Lubricants stay lubricants.

This can cause the tire to spin right off the rim or worst.

Geez Lubs my gad where did ya get that one from the Cannondale group :D

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