KTM450 or WR450???

Which would you choose?? :devil::thumbsup:

I'm looking at 03models

Ive never ridden the KTM, but I do know that the WR flat out rips. The top end is ridiculous and it has tons of torque. Im coming from an xr650r so I know about torque. I think you will be happy either way though!!!!!! :thumbsup::devil::awww:

Have not ridden the KTM but am very happy with my WR. I have heard the the KTM has less power and that the WR has better suspension. I have ridden CRF450's and YZ 450F's and the WR can hold it's own with those bike in most situations.

Be aware that the 2003 WR's had some problems with woodruff key failures. And a couple of other issues. Do a search in this forum and you will find lots of info on those items. I can say that I have over 3000 miles on my bike with no problems. :thumbsup:


Just noticed the 2003 situation!!hmmmm might need a newer one then!! :thumbsup::devil:

a friend had one said he loved the power but hated the handleing. he ended up selling it and getting a crf250

The WR450F of course :thumbsup:

No comparison at all,

Go blue, uncork it and you have an ultimate bike.

You can set it up for MX, Enduro, Hare Scrambles, Trail riding, Desert riding, Dual Sport(street Legal), Super Motard, you name it. 90+ MPH with stock gearing.

I have stripped mine of lights, kickstarter and had the suspension revalved and resprung for my weight and riding style. I have pulled 11 out of 12 holeshots in my state MX series this year, definately no fluke. Simply gobs of tractable power.

Basically an electric start YZ450F with a five speed.

The supposed problems with the 2003's are mostly a myth that has been perpetuated. A few model #'s had problems early on but free repairs were offered by Yamaha.

I have over 3500 hard miles on mine with absolutely no issues. Woodruff key, starter or otherwise. I am a big boy 6'1, 240 lbs, ride hard, do moderate maintenance, and this WR450F has been the best bike I have ever owned in over 30 years of riding and racing. :thumbsup:

where do you ride? can you ride either bikes before you buy? the '04 ktm is much better than the '03. if you want a wr, go for an '04 also. for me, the wr works best.

I had the opportunity to ride a 2004 KTM 450EXC this weekend on some nice single track. I do have to admit that it's a nice bike. It has definite smaller feel than my WR450 and the bars were so short (compared with my setup) that I found myself hunched over the bars all the time. It definitely carved through the trees better than my WR but felt WAY underpowered compared to my bike. N7SLC says I looked better on the KTM than my WR :thumbsup::devil:

The KTM was a great bike. Now give me back my WR! :awww:

If you want to ride then get a WR. If you want to have your bike in the shop being worked on get a KTM. :thumbsup:

N7SLC says I looked better on the KTM than my WR :D:lol:

The KTM was a great bike. Now give me back my WR! :thumbsup:

I think you look great in Blue Dave! :devil:

I have ridden both and can say this:

WR450 has a tractor bottom end compared to the KTM

WR450 is much more stable at speed, in sand, and on whoops.

KTM has a slicker transmission, lighter feel, quicker turning and a rather tame power delivery.

I just dont look good in orange! :lol:

All my blue outfits wont go with orange! :awww:

I just walked in the door from a 5 hour ride on some tight single track and a little stuff that was kinda open. My riding buddy has a 04 KTM450 and I Have the 03 WR450. We switched bikes today for a while and I noticed a couple of things. The orange bike is a good single track bike and the power is linear (but limited) I have to say for all around riding from Baja desert to tight single track there is no way I would trade my Yamaha for his KTM. The Yamaha has a better suspension for me and will blow the doors off the KTM in the power department. And with the pro moto billet it's much quieter. In the desert it's not even close, the Yamaha will run circles around the KTM. As far as getting an 03, for the price savings I wouldn't even hesitate, I'd get the price down by mentioning the woodruff key problem then I'd do the 04 starter upgrade which costs about $300.00 and takes about 1/2 hour, and go riding. If the bike has been used and hasn't had woodruff key issues with the starter upgrade it most likely won't. Hang onto your hat when you take off cause these bikes RIP!!! Have fun :devil::awww::thumbsup:

Yamaha...the best MC dealer in town sells Yamahas so that's what I buy.....

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