Rethreading cylinder thanks to plug

So I ordered this decomp plug for my 04 250F. I go to pull the screw out and oil starts running out so I put the screwed back in to go look at the instructions. Well I come back in and notice the big red letters that say Don't Torque Past 5lbs. Oops too late. So now this bolt is stripped. What to do? Can I get it rethreaded? Can I just JB the SOB what can I do?

Also I have 2 decomp plugs for 20 bucks each brand new. Who wants em?

i did the same thing as you on one of my old motors. i used a helicoil and it worked fine.

Is that hard to do? I was just thinking of having it ported by Eric Gorr and have him fix it at the same time but I dont want to send it off right now if I dont have to.

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