Want to sell your 450 Muffler?

Any of you YZ450 guys want to sell your stock muffler?

By the way you YZ450 riders are the macho men of TT, You got to have really big ----- to handle the power those 450's put out

I have a complete stock 03 system. What do you want, and what's it worth to you?

if you are still looking for a muffler.... i have a brand-new, never used 04 muffler(ti-end cap) that i took off my bike as soon as i got it home....

I don't need the head pipe just the muffler, how much either of you want for just the muffler?

my brother just sold his to another tt member yesterday, and it ended up being 100 after shipping and all that......make me an offer? 90? retail is like 3 something and its perfect.....

I have a once-used stocker from an '03 YZ450.

email me if you are interested.



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