Does anyone know how much compression a 426 should get if you do a compression test?

1) push kickstarter to TDC

2) DO NOT pull compression release

3) stand on the kickstart lever.

4) if the lever won't go down within 2-3 secs, you have plenty of compression :)

J/K- I do not remember the actual numbers pal...the manual has it in there?

anything below 120lbs start thinking about rings

On a test, Id be looking for about 180 psi. Your going to have to bump it (push start type) to get a read, because if ya pull the comp release...get the idea?

Get it rolling pretty good in 3rd or 4th, and remember the throttle should be wide open.

you can also use long 1\2" ratchet with 14mm socket just remove ignition cover plug and turn motor over wwith flywheel nut

I can't find a fitting for the comp tester that fits the plug hole. Anyone know where to get one?

instead of speading $150 on leakdown tester i made my can make a compression tester same way.i busted out the ceramic inside of old spark plug then tapped inside plug [1\4"tap].i then bought a grease gun hose.1\8" fittings on ends.i also bought 2 1\8" to 1\4"couplers and attached spark plug on 1 end and compressor fitting on would only need to use coupler for plug end compression test gauges have 1\8" inletleakdown%20tester1234.jpg

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