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Oregon Back Country Discovery Route Being Sued

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This route in eastern oregon is approx 750 miles from california to washington. 90% of the route is on gravel roads. However the Northwest Environmental Defense Center, Oregon Natural Resources Council, and the Central Oregon Forest issues Commitee are suing the Forest Service and BLM. Basically saying they violated the National Environmental Policy Act by establishing the Back Country Discovery Route with out doing an environmental impact statement. And that they should have determined how much new traffic and off road activity would be generated by making the route. Here's a quote "if a motorcycle takes off the trail through alpine habitat, it could take 100 years to recover," Brent Foster spokes person for the Environmental Defense. The Forest Service had said since the route was set up on existing roads no thought it would be the target of a lawsuit.

An article was published in the Oregonian Sunday May 27th. And I briefly summerized it. It seems logic has gone out the window. As this route is nothing different than a scenic byway route. Its still open until the lawsuit is settled, but the managing recreation dept, has pulled all the signs from the route. Gps is critical.

First I could be wrong but I dont think the route goes through any alpine habitat, since the route is mostly high desert scrub. but i have not ridden it. Any one interested can see some good photos of the route at cycoactive.com

Donate money and write letters, fight this.


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