adjusting of the valves

I just paid $158 to have it done. Does that sound right? Didn't to me. Is this something that a neophyte (is that the right word?) could do? I can change a clutch.

Take your time, buy a manual, you can do it. You'll need and accurate caliper or mic. Other than that, Knock yourself out. But since you just had it done, you probably wont need to mess with it for a year or so, dont go spending any money on tools for a while.

well, I would have done it for $100 bucks. If anyone else who lives in the salt lake area wants it done give me a call. I am a mechanic at the dealership and do private work

Jared aka. "polar bear"

It is something that anyone can do that has an inch-lb torque wrench and feeler guages that cover 0.10 mm - 0.25 mm. If you can do a clutch you can adjust your valve clearance. Just follow the manual and do a search on TT for tips.

I own the dealership in Utah and have one less mechanic on Monday LOL

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