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I feel like a jackass asking this question.I bought a used 2000 yz426f and i ripped a hole in 2 pairs of shoes trying to start the bastard.I bought the bike off e-bay from a guy who had no owners manual.He sorta showed me how to start it and I started it about 10 times in my garage , now I think I flooded it. what is the exact drill to normally start it , and the trick to starting it flooded? I've lost my mind trying to get the bike to fire.Can anyone help me?

2000 yz426f

Check your PM.

PM me if you want links to the '01 manual. There's a good starting how-to in there.

If you kick it too many times and get no fire, replace the plug before you kill yourself kicking (I learned this the hard way). Hope this helps.

To check your PM (private message), click on my profile at the top of the page and page down to the list of messages. Click on the message subject and you can read it.

sometimes the idle adjuster has a knack of loosening off, which means that even if it is 'not' flooded and you 'are' following the correct procedure, the bike will still not run (it may fire though). winding it back in does the trick...

If you are saying you flooded it I hope you don't mean you were giving the bike gas when you were kicking it. This a huge no-no and the only time you should quickly twist throttle is if the bike is cold and then only give it about 2 quick turns before you kick it.

If you go to the Yamaha-motor home page there is a how to video by Doug Dubach on how to start the bike.

Throw those shoes AWAY that have a hole in the bottom!

I recently had the kickstarter on my bike go through the bottom of my foot from there being a hole in the bottom of my shoe.

Kickstarting the bike, the kickstarter went into the hole, and I lost my balance to the right. Could not put my foot down to stop my momentum, and the kickstarter ended up about 1.5 to 2 inches into the bottom of my foot.


Good luck on getting the bike running. Once you get it down, you will not have any problems getting your bike running.


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