YZ-250F OR YZ-426???

GUYS,can you help me out? I have a 01-426 and just ordered an 03-250F ,I'm plus 40 and have Hare scrambled the 426 for the last year and finished mid pack B class,Its a handful in the woods and ruts and roots.Has anyone made the switch down or am I crazy? Any imput welcomed!!

Your switch is good at the point that the YZ250F is much easy to handle and it's weight compared with the YZ426 is ridiculous, but of course you'll be losing power with tha decision, it depends on how do you plan to use both bikes...! I have a year on a YZ400F and it's a super bike, I have intented to switch to a YZ250F because the weight and the super-b handling of that bike, but I'll not compromise power so the YZ400F will be with me for a long time. It's a shame that many friends of mine are passing me on a track with their YZ250Fs but only on the track, when trail riding the YZ400F rules all over the little YZ250Fs ! :)

I'm not quite sure I agree. I own both, and the 426 is a handful in the woods. Whereas the 250F works beautifully in the tight stuff. The way I, and this is just my opinion, describe the two of them is this way. The 250F LOVES to corner! It practically begs you to go in harder, faster, each and every corner. And the 426? It just ambles thru the corner and waits until its pointed in the right direction and then wants to be UNLEASHED! I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! Now believe me, I always loved horsepower, but that little 250F taught me all about handling, and that truly is very important. So I guess you have to ask, and be truthfull to yourself, in what kind of riding will you be doing? And what might be more important to you, because each have some very positive attributes. Maniac

I love the Power,but......,its an hour and a half race,beats ya to death on the tight stuff,on the open fast stuff its awesome!!!Maybe the 450? I'm not sure what I should buy!

Like MANIAC said, first ANSWER to this Question....? Where most do I'll use my next bike....? Track or Trail Riding......?

If your answer is TRACK I bet you the YZ250F is the Best and Only Option.

If your answer is Trail Riding the YZ426 of YZ450 will be a Better Option.

And if you are rich and you'll enjoy both of 2 worlds (Track and Trail Riding) Buy the 2 jewels from YAMAHA YZ250F and YZ450F) :)

I think trail riding in Laredo, TX is a lot different than here. I would much rather be riding my agile 250F on these trails than the 426. In the few spots where the trail opens up I have a disadvantage to my 426 buddies - but once back in the trees, which is 90% of the time, my bike shines.

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