back on 426

well after trying to learn on a 426 and new to the dirt bike scene after only street riding. i got fustrated and bought a new 2002 yz250f, loved the bike ( and still do)and could ride alot better. put the 426 up for sale for 2 months with no bites at all. rode the 250 alot during the 2 months and really got some skills down and became a much better rider. so now i need to sell one because of money, so i got the 250 for sale(really i only rode it about 5 times because i was riding my girlfriends bike too). so i am forced to ride the 426. what a good mistake, the 426 kicks some ass. i am alot better rider on it and having alot of fun, the power is awesome. seems like the power is so hard hitting that i've almost dumped it a few times, gas it and it stood right up. the 426 is one bad ass bike since i can ride better. i am still no expert and still very leary about any jumping on this beast, but i couldn't imagine giving up the power again

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