On Febuary 24, 2002 someone stole my son and husbands motorcycles.

1)1995, Suzuki, Jr-50, Yellow, #7 number plate, VIN#LN1JA13A1S1100351.

2)2001, YZ426, Ty Davis hot start, BRP triple clamp, TM design works buffer and chain guide, Race Suspension, Big Gun Ty davis seris pipe, magnetic drain plug, various other Zip-Ty racing parts, Montclair Yamaha graphics, VIN#JYACJ01C51A011408.

The bikes were stolen from Riverside,CA, and I'm offering a nice CASH REWARD to the person who helps me get the bikes back. Everything will remain annonymous.

hello i havent seen anybikes like that and i ride in all the "underground"(illegal) places here in riverside but if i do see i will for sure get ahold of you keith

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