cr250 versus 426f

Someone told me that 4strokes suck in races and i should switch to a 250 2 stroke. A friend said "4 strokes are only allowed in the races with 2 strokes cause everyone knows they cant win" True or untrue? I know for a fact my 426 is faster than any 250 on a straight away but what about on a track?

Tim Ferry is running 2nd place in the nationals on his 426. That leaves a lot of 2 strokes behind him.

It dont matter what ya ride. A fast rider is a fast rider. :)

Thumpers are smoother over whoops and rough stuff. Two-strokes have an edge in deep sand because of the weight. The new thumpers are almost as light though. Some two strokes are notorious for wild uncontrolable power. Thumpers make the same power and put it to the ground much better. Traction=forward motion.

As long as you ride it correctly there is no disadvantage to riding a thumper and in most cases you have an advantage. Keep what ya got and just ride it like Dubach or Ferry :D

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OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!!! :)

i herd quadz wur faster then for strokes or too strokes.

is my buddy rite or rong?

he said he haz a 5 stroke quad that has too be fastur cause it haz 1 more stroke then a thumper an 3 more strokes then a too stroke.

hahaha I've never heard of that :)

uh uh uh he said stroke! Shut up beavis!

Doug Henry won the outdoor champion ship on a 400 the first year he rode it. So ya fourstrokes are slow.s And so, because everybody knows that, the entire field of racers decided that they felt sorry for Henry (cuz he to ride that slow fourstroke), and they just pulled over and let him win the Championship. Ya right.

Im with Vegas, off with his head!

Rule 1: Bikes don't do.

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