anyone up for a quick laugh?

alright well a co-worker of mine has been braging about how fast he is, and his bike is. (hes 28) ok cool, im humble and didnt say anything. he wants to go race now, so i got a little excited, sounds like fun right? well this cocky guy tells me ok i have a dirt field by my house we can race there. (wants to race on flat, straight road?) anyways, i was still for it. he brought a pic of his bike yesterday, and well it was a crf......230. i about passed out. as long as he doesnt get that 12 h.p to the ground, i think ill be ok. well theres a field by house i have to go practice my starts, later

(maybe even give my 450 a tune up while im at it)

Hahaha thats hilarious :thumbsup:. You better start out in 4th to make it fair.

He has a competitive spirit at least. Here's an idea if he chokes too much on crow, Use his bike and each of you do timed laps on it, that way he can't argue it's the difference in bikes that made it unfair. You beat his time on his bike and show him who's the better rider.

To really embarass this guy you can start facing backward and when the flag drops do a quick 180 and catch him before you hit 3rd gear. Make sure a third person from work is there to witness.

i got dusted by a CRF230 once, mind you it was on a mountain enduro trail suitable for goats only, and he knew the track. Does you mate know what type of bike you ride???

no he doesnt know what i have, and you probably could probably go just as fast on a mountain bike as my 450 in the supertight single a 230 will not hold a candle to even my 250f

They have a nice top speed though, and a low low ratio 6th gear.

show him a pic of your bike and see what he says. and if he still wants to race show him what the 450 is all about.oh yea and good luck...i know youll need it :thumbsup:

I was that guy about 10 years ago. I had an XR200 and thought I was the fastest thing around. Went out with a couple of racers and they set me straight. I race now, mostly off road, but I have a pretty good understanding of where my place is in the world, and it's not at the side of RC for sure. Thankfully those guys that took me out had lots of great advice and time for me and taught me the ropes.

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