JDJetting Instructions

I leave Friday for Pitkin, CO and I need to re-jet my 03 WR450. I have the JDJetting kit. The Blue needle is installed.

My problem, I can't find the instructions that came with the JDJetting kit. I found the case, the red needle, the stock needle and the jets that came with the kit, but no instructions. I've searched the garage and came up empty.

Are they posted anywhere? How about emailing a copy?

Thanks in advance.


3rd clip from the top, 170MJ for sea level. I havent got my instructions with me so I cant recall what the settings are for other elevations. If u can wait another day I'll have them for you.

#168 Main for 3000-6000 ft w/ Blue Needle, 3rd clip FROM THE TOP.

#165 main from 6000-9000 ft and Red Needle, 4th clip FROM THE TOP.

You could just go over to the jetting forum and ask JD himself. I'm sure he'd be happy to help. :thumbsup:

Jetting Forum! Excellent idea.

160 main red #4 works well for 9000 feet in Colorado in the summer. :thumbsup:

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