DID 'U' Rims...anybody tried them?

I am thinking about a set. My stock excels are getting pretty beat looking and they each a noticeable flat spot in them. Just curious if anybody knows where to buy the U rims and how much or if they are even better I should just get new excels? Thanks.

My local bike mechanic shop showed me a set of the 'U' rims. They said that they are very little more weight, stronger on the sidewall-surface area, and keep mud from collecting on the lip of the wheel better than the older style wheel. The Hare-scramble guys LOVE them, but the HS guys around here aren't putting as much pressure on their wheels as we do by jumping, although we don't ricochet our wheels off of piles of rocks and tree trunks all that often. Just a thought

The 'hopper'

I don't want to buy them and then have to buy something else later. While I do know that the only ad for them is with Ty Davis who rides woods, but Kawasaki is selling their 03 KX250 with them. It will be interesting to see what the factory guys run on those bikes when they start next season. I may just buy some more Excels to be safe.

my buddy has them stock on his '02 GasGas 300 XCO.

he HATES them.

the spokes won't stay tight. they can be tight, ride one 8 mile loop and they are loose.

he is in the process of getting the hardware to swap the wheels on his yamaha to his gasgas. that's how much he hates them.

All brand new rims will come loose until the spoke nipples seat themselves. But it should stop sooner or later. If the nipples dont seat themselves in the DID rims, maybe the rim material is too soft? Id really like to hear more about these, because if they were as good as the Excels, Id buy because I like the way they look.

I think I will wait until someone here tries them and can difinitively tell me that they are as good or better than the excels. Otherwise I will buy more excels.

Also, if I buy more excels what color should I get? I know it is personal preference, but I am trying to decide between the silver and gold. My bike looks pretty basic and I like it that way much like Ferry's bike, but a touch of color would be cool I think, I just don't want to hate them. I also heard that the coloring on excels will eventually wear off due to the tire rolling over the edge of the rim when landing. Is this true and what color is the wheel underneath the color? Thanks

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I want a set of the DID u-shaped wheels too, but, if you figure the wheels are not new, in fact they have been on the kx125's for a couple of years, but procircus, removes them and installs excels, so are the weaker?

procircus...thats funny. that is an interesting point unless of course excel gives them to them. I will be interested to see what Kawasaki factory does this year on the 250. If I am not mistaken, the 125 had them and the 250 didn't because "they were not strong enough", but now the 125 does not and the 250 does. I like them because they are something different and look cool. If my excels were not beat looking and dented, I would not replace them. I guess I will wait and see.

I personally love the look of black wheels. I am not sure how hard they are to keep clean or how they show scratches, but I am trying to change the color of my bike to black. When a plastic part breaks I buy a black one to replace it. I have seen some guys around with black wheels and they are sweet, otherwise go with silver. I don't like gold wheels.

A freind has a pair of GAS GAS's and they both have the DID rims. He has had no problems with them. As far as being strong LaRocco uses them on his bike so that leads me to believe that they are strong enough for a 250. If anyone knows the website for the DID rims please let me know.


Carmicheal ran them on his kx250 Last year, so they must be pretty strong.

The cutaway view shows how they are made, and it looks like they would be stronger. Because Carmichael and LaRocco use them isnt really a good reason as far as Im concerned, because those wheels dont see more than one moto before a complete and total check up, and possibly a tire change too. Not a good yardstick in my estimation. Show me something that will stand complete and utter neglect. Then Im impressed.

I was going through some pics. from the GNCC's last year and Watts, and Lafferty were using the U shape rims. I would think that the GNCC's would be a good test.

GNCC's would be a good test. Show me a privateer running about 80th in the points, that has a sponsorship that basically amounts to free oil, and new tie downs once a year running them, and I'll give the DID's a harder look. Rims arent expensive really, just time consuming to swap out.Think about it, how many 90 dollar parts take 3 or 4 hours to mount? Aside from the wheel assemblies you can turn a motorcycle into indivdual pieces in that much time, including the engine. Not to mention the patients it takes to get the wheels straight and round


I hear what you are saying. Like I said I have a friend that has 2 GAS GAS's and they both have the D.I.D. rims on them. He has not had any bad luck with them.

"Carmicheal ran them on his kx250 Last year, so they must be pretty strong."

Gee, so I guess the $6 million they pay Carmichael is worth it, LOL.

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