need engine help!!! Serious problem?

Ok here is my problem-

The bike was ideling and I went to twist the throttle a little and she died. I tried to start it back up and it woulden't. I got it to turn over for a few seconds and it sounded really bad. I might mave sucked some water in. :D Now when I try to start it I find tdc and go to kick, I get half way to 3/4 through the kick and it locks up again. Vapor lock, hydro lock or what? I have taken the carb apart and cleaned everything out, the carb is fine. I have taken the spark plug out to let everything dry out for a few days and it still won't kick through. I haven't changed the oil yet. I will do that before riding again, but I wouldn't think that would cause my problem. Please help. this sucks :)

Dan: It's a little hard to ascertain from your post what is going on. From what I've read, you appear to reach a part of the stroke that resembles compression. Is that correct? Why do you say that you may have sucked water in? Did it stall in deep water or mud and you tried to start it?

Can you hold in the compression release and kick it through easily? More specific info would help.

The water was in the airbox from a wash and I didn't notice it untill after it died on me.

Yes I can kick throught easily with the decompression lever pulled in. I have been thinking about it and mabey my timing is off or something?

Have you tried a new spark plug, or at least checked the current plug for spark?

carefull!! my kickstart on my 250f wouldnt move, got it going and then about 5mins later it split the case in two on that buldgy part above the kickstart.

If you got water in it as you suspect, remove the plug, place a shop rag down into the plug area and kick it over the compression will shot water up through the hole into the rag

Well at least most of it. Kicking it or trying to start it is a bad thing if water is indeed in the cylinder.

Also Drain the float bowl, ther may be water ther stoping the gas.

Wipe ou the air box real good.

Dan what is the out come of the forks ??????????

I have replaced the spark plug with a new one. I kicked over the motor a few times with it out, to get any water out of the head. I haven't checked spark, but that wouldn't cause the problem I am having.

E.G.O.- Still waiting on an answer from yamaha about my forks. I was just getting the rest of the bike ready to go so when my forks get figured out I would be ready to go.

dan, i think your problem is rather simple. maybe when you think you are at tdc, you are actually at the tough spot before tdc? and when you kick it you hit true tdc and thats what locks up the engine? try standing on the lever untill you are sure you are at top dead center, then try to start it normally. sometimes things this simple can be overlooked, just making sure something small wont cause you to rip your engine apart in search of a problem.


If you can kick it around easliy with the compression release lever in, the engine is fine. Unless you still have water in the cylinder. My advice: Pull the plug and kick it around WITHOUT the compression release. Make sure youve got spark. Make sure your cylinder is dry. It doesnt take much water to foul the plug. Half a drop is all. The timing wouldnt change out of the blue. It cant. Youve got water somewhere it aint supposed to be. And go easy with the power washer next time.

Check this too. The exhaust pipe. If you inadvertently got water in the pipe, it can get sucked into the motor while your kicking it. Pull the pipe off, and make sure its dry too.

Good advice from above posts. If you find out exactly what caused this problem, would you post it Dan?

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