Oil seeping out ... can't figure out why

The cover where the oil filter goes ... oil is seeping out. I replaced all the o-rings and still it seeps ... the bolts are as tight as I can get them (within reason) ... anybody had this problem or know why it might be happening?

It all started after I removed the entire cover to replace the water pump bearing. I'm sure it's a coincidence ... but that was the course of events leading up to it.

make sure the bolts arent bottoming out. Maybe you got a few bolts mixed up that are slightly different in length. To do this remove the filter cover and screw the bolts in by hand as far as they go. The bolts must stick out by LESS then the thickness of the cover.

You know if you tighten the bolts too much it compresses the gasket and causes it to prematurely fail. You shouldn't need to tighten them more than one hands strength with a socket.

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