Black Plastic

Does anyone know where I can get some black plastic for the 650R? Specifically side panels and a rear fender. Thanks.

The Rear black fender and side panels you are seeing on other bikes are done with Krylon Fusion Paint. The Front is a black XR400R fender.

Wow! I didn't realize that Krylon stuff worked that well. Thanks BWB.

The nice thing is if you dump it and scrarch it you can fix it. I have had some problems repainting.....if you repaint to heavy it krinkles. Lot's of light coats. Takes seven day to cure. Drys in fifteen minutes. It's good stuff but, not bullet proof.



I have a CR250R fender on here but, it pushes the fork boots. The XR400 fender fits better but, is not as cool looking. I have changed it allot sence the older pictures. I took the white sticker off the number plate part of the headlight. I would like to paint the side panels black also, like sm650r did but, I have to many stickers there and they make the bike go faster :devil:

I like the black plastic also. You would think someone would make black for the 650r. I might try the paint down the road.

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