Kidney Belts Anymore?

Recently got back into the sport after about a 8 yr break; but I did stay with the sport on the couch. Anyhow, hit the track really hard last week trying to catch those fast kids on the 80s.

Noticed my lower and mid back sore the next few days. I used to wear a kidney belt back in the day. I'm gonna buy one today, but I was wondering if anybody still wears 'em. Seems like the pros abandon them or put them on under their jersey. What gives? You guys wearing the girdle?

Heck yes, I still wear mine religiously, I feel funky when I have forgotten it or something. I just feels like my insides aren't being shaken around so bad. I use an MSR made by Kevco Stubbs, Rocky Mtn has a good selection to choose from. Cheap investment and feels good, I'm sure my body appreciates it. Jason

Yup use one every ride

Bought an Oneal, comfortable, support ehh ok but otherwise all around it helps.


I too got back in after 15 + years out, Im 45 now and am working on an idea.

Its called the Hemi-Pouch :)


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wear one today for the same reason you wore one 8 years ago.....

Ditto on the Kevco Stubbs. Inexpensive, effective, comfortable.


I was curious as to what they actually accomplish...Do they help with lower back support, or are they mostly for protection in a fall? I'm guessing support. And I do see a lot of people wearing them-I'm going looking this weekend for one...

KID-Ney Belt

Hummmmmm Let me see, I am gonna take a wild guess here

They protect Kindeys?

just roosting ya

Kidneys & lower back support.

The protect from strain, much like what you see werehouse guys wearing to lift heavy loads

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Keeps the kidneys from being rattled around.

It seems a bit odd sometimes that the indoor supercross pros seldom wear kidney belts and chest protectors.

But when you ride a track that doesn’t toss clogs or rocks, and is relatively smooth, the comfort benefit is worth it.

Sometimes I'll go without as well, unless I know I'm in for a beating. Then it's a must-have.

Lastly, there are also times that I’ll wear sport glasses (like Oakley) instead of goggles. You get so much more visibility and circulation. Great for the training days when no one else is around.


Glasses can hurt you in a crash. I wore glasses and hated them until LASIK. Goggles are softer and do less damage when you crash.

Havn't felt the need for the belt....yet. Maybe that's cuz I'm still skinny! But trust me..I see the tire coming around the mid section fast! So a belt is on the way!!!!

Its doesnt have anything to do with being skinny or not. Its one of those things that once you use it for a while you have trouble going without. Its like free-ballin', it just doesnt feel right. (Im assuming you wear underwear)

Kidney belts give a nice and secure feeling, going without one feels sloppy and dangerous for some reason.

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LOL "Freeballin" I never heard that one.

Too funny


Don't wear a kidney belt, and we'll see who can still pee in 25 years.

I used to wear one all the time (acutally it was a back brace from work, but the same thing really). Then it wore out (streching) and so I never wore one. My fiance went with me to the shop two weeks ago, asked "what these things were".

I told her kidney belts, and she said "You're buying one" I have another! Fox Black Belt. They do help in long pounding rides. BIG TIME, and I bet they help in the long run (20+ years) with peeing!

It's kind of ironic that someone with named DeathwishBiker is giving safety advice. :) But you are correct.

By the way when any woman besides your mother tells you what to do, do the exact opposite.

Hate to dispell the myth, but the kidneys are actually higher up than you think (well above the belt). It helps with low back support like EGO says - like the guys in the warehouse stores.

Try not wearing the belt and I guarantee that you won't piss blood, but may have a back-ache. :)

Wouldn't ride without one.

I wear two belts at once. I use a Kevco worn low and then overlap it with a Thor that has the plastic piece in the back. The Thor is worn higher and comes up to just below my ribs. Not only does this combo give me great kidney protection, I aslo get some protection to my lower back from a car crash injury suffered years ago.

Ah hah. Picked up Thor belt this afternoon. Ridin' tomorrow morning, and hopefully I'll be able to get out of bed easily on Sunday.

With out the kidney belt my gut would hit the cross bar pad.

Look all the kidney belt does is girdle you fat gut, it sucks it in so us fat guys over 40 can have a trim a fit look with all the gear on.

Chiks dig that

and I really think my post is is full offart-1.gif

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