Kidney Belts Anymore?

They do indeed help. Before I wore one a while ago, my sides used to ache after a hare scramble...almost an internal pain. As soon as I wore a belt, that went away. Regardles of what they help, they help!

beezer, so what do you do if she tells you to get naked?! :):D


dont wear one,,,,,

infact ride naked [except for boots of course,,, u dont wana look stupid]

it also helps if you have a real loud exhuast and have drunk lots of beer,,,,, oh also best if its on your nieghbours front lawn , middle of the night.

failing that,,,your local golf course



Sounds like you speak from experiance ? :)

Get a belt it helps it helps it helps

DeathWish, in that case I reccomend doing what you're told.

And I have faith in your taste in women so I don't think you're a chubby chaser. :)

anybody ever ride a golf course. that is an old fantasy of mine.just go and rip up millions of dollars worth of the golf balls skip in the trenches....

Originally posted by JSTheJack:

What gives? You guys wearing the girdle?

Of course we do!! Most companies have copied the Kevco-Stubbs design by now, because they really help support your lower back and internals. No joke, for off road riding they really help your back.


I have a kidney belt with a hole in the side of it from Tiger Lacey's handlebar. He slammed me so hard from the side that the kidney belt looks like someone took a cookie cutter to it. It was on the throttle side too. Imagine to force required to cut through a rubber grip and then 3/8 thick foam rubber. I had a perfect circle bruise on my side. I was black and blue for months. If I had not been wearing that kidney belt they would of had to surgically remove his throttle tube. Maybe not, I would have pulled it out and shoved it up his arse...........

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Originally posted by starttman:

anybody ever ride a golf course. that is an old fantasy of mine.just go and rip up millions of dollars worth of the golf balls skip in the trenches....

Yep!.... When I was a wee lad I rode and raced a Suzuki TM400 (ah,,those were the days!) Well, many a time I just couldn't get anybody to get me to the local riding area. (Ventura river bottom) So we would ride the streets and lemon orchards to get there. One day ole deputy dog goes into hot pursuit on me. I zip into a golf course thinking he wont chase me here! WRONG!!! Right behind me with sirens wailing lights flashing between all the duffers, me roostin and jumping sand pitts, him sliding all over. You shulda seen their faces. I eventually started having fun with this game, looped back around the poor cop as he spun out and left the same way we came in..Talk about divets. When I last looked back it looked like something outta caddy shack. Between my 450 Trellborg and cop car roost.. All these people gathered around this cop with their clubs waving and screaming, it looked like they were gonna lynch him. Aahhh, the memory's.. It brings a tear to my eye's..


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Most people look down on that stuff, getting chased :) but its soo fun, only been chased once but i was just chokin on addrenalin :D Also wear a kidney belt.

One thing to note, I heard from a former employer who required us to wear the belts that you should supplement belt usage with some form of exercise of the lower back to prevent injuries. Their take was that the belt "assisted" the muscles and continous use over time would lead to muscle mass deterioration and could actually end up doing more harm than good. So be sure to do some Roman chair situps or something between rides.

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