Bel-Ray oil?

I know the engine oil question has been beat to death, but one more question... Has anyone tried the Bel-Ray EXL oil? I saw 10w40 and it's very inexpensive. I'm thinking save money on the oil itself and change it more often-any opinions on this or this brand of oil?


Bel-Ray is a fine brand, Just make sure if its synthetic that it carries no energy absorbing componds...

I get my oil from

they seem to be the cheapest all around.

I have been using Castrol Act>Evo 20-50

I am going to the Synt 10-40 as soon as I use up the last liter of 20-50.... and I tear down the motor.

I get it at rocky for about 12 bucks a liter...Thats a good price

Bel Ray's fine. I'm using EXP problems...

I have been using BelRay EXL 10w-40 for 10 years or more and have never had any problems with it. I even have used it in my lawnmower. Go with the EXL though if you use the EXP or the pure synthetic then I have heard problems with the clutch might occur. I swear by BelRay!! Good luck. I buy it by the 4 liter containers through Parts Unlimited for like 12 or 13 bucks! Frank

Cool, I actually got 2 4 liter bottles of it, just wanted to make sure I didn't throw $25 away.

Thanks guys!

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