a valve clearence question

i checked my valve clearence today and i think everything is in spec but ? the intake spec is .15-.20mm and the .172 fits really tight but the .152 fits just fine the .209 doesnt fit in any of them and thats how it is on all three valves so i think they're just fine? but the exhaust spec is .25-.30mm and the .309 fits really really really tight in both the .279 fits just fine in the right valve and the left it is really tight and the .254 fits loose in both exhaust valves so if the shims come in .5 increments is it as close as it's gonna get? also off that topic what size of socket is the spark plug ? i thought it was the 5'8 but i can't get it to grab it

plug will be 5/8. Some plug sockets you need to grind down on the outside so they don't hit the outer of the hole. Obviously make sure the end if the plug isnt hutting the end of the socket extention. Sounds like your shims are perfect :thumbsup:

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