Tuning a carb on a older XR650L

Hi everyone.....I have a "94" XR650L that I just picked up a couple weeks ago. It has a Big Gun exhaust system on it a "honda race" cam. Not sure what cam it has for sure .He told me that the carb was rebuilt twice but never said anything about rejetting.It was poping pretty hard when braking. I screwed the fuel screw out two and a half turns till it quit popping. WOW....What a trade off....I got rid of the poping and in turn I recieved a ton of punch on the bottom end.I'm sure I need to up a size on the pilot but not sure bout the main and if I need to do anything else to this carb while I have it out.I see a lot of info on the new stuff ...is there somewhere I can go that would have some info on a "94" ?

Thanks in advance


A stock bike with the airbox opened up will run a 55 pilot and a 158 main, typically.

Maybe you could try something a little less than a 60 pilot, and try a 160 main.

You might need to try a few combos, so if you replace the bowl screws with allen heads, you can pull thye bowl and access the jets with the carb in place.

Also, think of shimming the stock needle up by 0.030 inches, and drill the vacuum slide port holes out to 5/32 inches. Assuming its got the stock carb, of course.


Thanks Dave...looks like some great info....I will be taking the carb off Friday and I will check to see what jets I'm running...

Thanks again


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