Trade: 2000 XR650R for WR or YZ426.... SO CAL

hey all im looking to trade my 2000 XR650R for a wr or yz426, my bike has a white bro e series pipe with 18 , applied tripple clamp, ozonic double wall bars, cali street lincesed new desert AT back tire, brand new uni filter oil shanged every 200 miles with filter and coolant just serviced, very nice bike,i will deliver, im looking for something smaller so i can handle it better in turns, thanks

Ya and Im looking to trade my cat poop eatin dog for a cannondale

Thats a good trade

Geez dude go away

Better yet I have a Specialized Bike Frame thats bent in Half I will trade ya

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I would like to trade my wife for Cindy Crawford.


Even better, I want to trade my CRF450 for a YZ450!!!!!!!

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New Jersey would like to trade Steve Jacovino to anyone for anything.

man that aint no trade offer beezer.............

we can through in me cat poop eatin dog adn my bent specialiced bike frame. But I am afraid we would still have to give soemthing else for the xr

There's a kid trying to unload some video games in exchange for a motorcycle-maybe you could give him a try...


[ August 02, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

I'll throw in my Village People 8 track tape.

You know ya can't hear YMCA to many times.

This is the same guy that was trying to pawn off some junked car a few months ago too.

Hey, I got some video game parts and pieces I'll trade you for that tank.

maybe you should try to trade to the TTR125 first, they are about the same power and speed...

you might get LUCKY

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