Trans oil and crank oil together on Yamaha's Danger?


I'm looking for a new thumper, and like the yz 450, but if you trash a topend on a CRF, you don't trash the gears and visa versa. My 426 would be toast if something chipped on the gears. But Just bent a shift fork.

Is this a good reason to stay away from a Yamaha???

Don't send me the pictures of blown up CRFS and tell me that YZ's don't blow. They all do.

I've done a gearbox in my WR, no damage to the top end. The oil has to get through 2 strainers and 1 filter before it gets to the top end. If the top end let go, it wouldnt effect the gearbox at all as the engine would stop withing a poofteenth of a second.

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