I suffered with glasses and then contacts for years. If I hit a bump some times a contact would fall out. If I lost both contacts I couldn't drive home my vision was so bad.

I decided to get LASIK. They zap you with a laser and instantly you can see 20/20 or so they told me.

I did some research to find who was a quack and who knew what they were doing. One doctor who advertises heavily has multiple lawsuits against him for botched surgeries.

The procedure took 15 minutes and with in 3 days I could see 20/15 which is almost fighter pilot vision. There was absolutely no pain and any discomfort I encounter was handled with Heinekin.

I should have done it years ago!

God my kids are ugly! They look just like me. :)

And now you realize why people are calling you Beezer instead of BOOOZER :D

Thats great, my riding bud and I have been talking about that, Ya the Horror stories are the dirty little secret there not saying anything about.

Glad you got a good dr on it. At least now the Enviros wont be after you any more for mowing down trees :)

How much did the operation cost?

There is a doc in town that will do it for $495 per eye.

I have never worn glasses but I think am a little far sighted so do you think it could help me??


Why Do you set yourself up like that :):D

What did I say????

I have a brother in law who had stellar results from his lasic surgery as well. But a friends Mom has a horror story. They goofed and she was left with 20/400 for some time. They went to another doctor and were lucky that he was able to fix it. I haven't really looked into it myself but from what I understand they cannot always fix the goofs.

I had it done back in Feb of 1998, and I still see 20/20. Awesome stuff. I know a bunch of people that have had it done within the last year and all are satisfied. Best $3200 bucks I've EVER spent.

Mind you, I wore thick-ass glasses since I was in a kid and contacts are just a pain. I recommend this to anyone, but make sure your doctor is good (goes without saying for any operation, especially one that can potentially leave you blind).

Me too w/ the surgery.

I went here in Montreal:

Canada has the best surgeons, the LATEST lasers. Canada DOES NOT have to cater to the US FDA. The US has lasers that the Canadians STOPPED using for something better. The FDA holds up everything by > 2 years.

I paid $1500 on a package deal here in NH. I had ALL pre and post op checks here, w/ the surgery being performed up in Canada.

For those of you that wear glasses, this IS a miracle to behold. I too have 20/15 vision after two years past surgery.

Never go for the low bidder. The doctor I went to fixes many of the other quacks mistakes. He told me about 2 guys that had the same last name got each others prescription from another doctor. He said there are almost no cases of screw-ups that can't be corrected.

The week after I got the surgery I ran my new pickup into the side of my garage.

Beezer; Great thread. What was your vision problem? Astigmatism like me? I've been wearing these aggravating glasses since I was 13 and it's time to do the Lazik. I'm taking a vaction in two weeks so that might be the opportune time. Yeah!

I was very nearsighted. I don't know if astigmatism can be corrected with LASIK.

I would get a few doctors opinions and then decide.

In my area you can get it done for 1000 per eye. I paid 2500. Don't skimp on your eyes! Go to the largest city around, the better doctors will be there.

Good Luck!


Where was the doctor you went to?


I have never worn glasses but I think am a little far sighted so do you think it could help me??

Im just a preditor lurking for statements like that :)

Just funnin

I was going to come back with


I thnk the only thing that can help your Far sitedness is an "GOOD ENIMA"

[ August 03, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

I have an astegmatism (sp??) too in one eye and from what I understand lasic doesn't work for this. My doctor suggested a surgery but it was the old fashioned kind (with a knife). It's in the office and what they do is cut the stuff that is pulling the lense out of shape and it relaxes back to a shape closer to what it's supposed to be. At least this is how it was explained to me in my case. I'm debating on having it done, I just have to work up the nerve to ask someone to cut on my eye on purpose. :)

My brother in-law had Lasik done a few years ago with great results. My wife has considered having it done but her eyes are so bad they can only do the procedure once. So if any corrections need to be made she is out of luck. She will probably go the more painful way of PRK which is painful but can be done multiple times for corrections. The recovery is more like weeks instead of hours.

Something to consider, since we knew we were going to have it done this year we set $2400 of the cost aside in a Flexible Spending Account. This move will save us hundreds of dollars on the procedure because it becomes non-taxible income. However, it's one of those use it or lose it things so make sure your 100% sure your going to have it done before you do set the money aside.

I had it done in July of 97. I had an astigmatism in the right eye and was near sighted in both. My right eye is now 20/15, but my left they blew. My left now has what they call a lensticular astigmasim. Basically my lens on the left eye has a dent in it. What happened? The numbing stuff started to wear off, and I moved during the laser shot. They did a correction, but my eye was working so hard to try to compenstate that it took a year to settle down, before they could get an accurate test to figure out which way they had to go to fix it. They touched it up, and now its exaclty the same as it was when I went in, but I still have the astigmatism.

Id recomend doing it, just not my Doctor.

Keep in mind, party people, that there is one thing that you need to think about.


I know most of you guys are already "older" :)

This is why people like EGO have to hold a piece of paper at arms length to read it. :D:D

Anyway, just know that if you get it done too young, you may need a redo later because of this problem. (it's called presbyopia)

Just ask about it before you get it done.

I am nearsighted, and would probably benefit from it, but someday my vision should "even out".

Of course this post is for all you young bucks out there like motoman393. The older dudes should be fine.

Later :D

YZ 02 I had Dr. Norden do it. He fixes screwups for the other butchers out there. He has a website. Stay away from Delarusso, he has a ton of lawsuits pending.

Shawn sorry to hear you had trouble. I wonder if a competent doctor could fix you up. The technology seems to change weekly.

I'm 20/400 right now, I'm gettin' the lasic when I turn 21.

Beezer, its not bad enough to really worry about. The funniest side note was riding. I was all freaked out on the track and trail junk I was plowing and flying over that I never saw before the surgery. Took me a good 3 rides before I was back up to speed, just getting re-adjusted to being able to see the bumps, instead of just slamming or jumping them.

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