I had the Lasik surgery last January. I considered it after my boss who wore coke bottle glasses and came home with 20/40 in both eyes. I was impressed to say the least.

So I go and get the pre-exam. I qualified so I layed down 2 large and made an appointment. The following Wed I go for the surgery.

I was so nervous I couldn't sleep the night before knowing something could go wrong and leave me worse off than having to wear glasses the rest of my life.

The surgery was simple...first the right eye...the doctor puts this vacuum hootus on your sucks your eye until your vision goes black...then you hear a whistling..turbine sound...which cuts a very small layer of your feel nothing...then he lifts the vacuum off and you can see ...cept its all distorted...then he says look at the red dot and DO NOT MOVE!!!!!...I didn't even breath..

the laser zaps and pops...does it's thing...doc lays the little flap over and puts some gauze over your eyes...and proceeds to the next eye..

Same procedure...cept...when the turbine makes the cut ....I FELT THIS PAIN!!!!!! I said hey doc..that hurt bro...he said...don't move..and proceeds with the laser's over and I go home...return the next day ...look at the eye chart and have 20/20...perfect both's great....but dam my eyes burn alot...but that will go away...they will heal and you'll be right eye did heal and quit burning....but guys it's been almost 2 years and my left eye burns like there is dish soap in it...It was due to an incorrect cut causing the cornea to scar. After extensive visits to cornea's conlcluded I will need a complete cornea transplant to correct this problem or live with it...Oh and did I mention the huge numbers of floaters I got now...It looks like a million UFO'S floating in my eye after I quit riding.

You go get this Lasik at your own risks guys...I say wear the glasses until you find a safer way to improve vision without the use of surgery.......I'd give anything to not have this permanent burning...always sitting in dark rooms and not allowing any ceiling fans really sucks to say the least...

Anyone wanting more specifics to my me

Not a horror story but one of what good did it do?My buddy had it done and he was real happy that he didn't have to wear glasses anymore but about a year later he was back to wearing them because he was now nearsighted.He wears them almost as much as he ever did so I think I will will leave my eyes alone.I've been wearing specs for 38 years and I'm not willing to risk losing any of what I have.

I was 20/200(nearsighted-can't see far) with a astigmatism(defect in lense)in both eye's.My Doc was Dr.Maloney from Jules stein eye institute at UCLA. He is the one the FDA approves to test knew procedures. He has been on the news numerous times,he implanted hard lenses in a lady that was legally blind(now she can see!). I 've worn glasses since 3RD grade :) contact lenses though highschool and college. My surgery was 2k an eye!

It was best money i ever spent! I always wanted to have it done back in highschool when it was radiokatomy(spoke like cuts) but my dad said to wait and give them time to perfect it! It's pretty

close to perfected. When i had mine done, they did 1 eye then the other a couple of days after.Prep time consisted of taking a valume to relax you,the sugery itself took 20-30 seconds of the lazer. I told them i had my wife picking me up;when i got outside, i hopped on my streetbike and rode home :D


I wore glasses and contacts for 16 years, when at the age of 29 I traveled to the Toronto Laser Sight Centre in Canada and had the Lasic proceedure done to both eyes on the same day, that was December 5th, 1996.

This was done after two of my friends highly recommended it. I had to go to Toronto as both of my friends did because the proceedure was not approved yet in the states.

My surgery was performed by Calvin W. Breslin who was the Medical Director of that facility at the time. He is no longer affiliated with the Toronto Laser Sight Centre as he now is on the Faculity of Medicine staff as a professor in the Department of Optithalmology and Vision Sciences for the University of Toronto as well as serving on the Exam Commitee at the University. He is also affiliated with the Sunnybrook Medical Center & the Toronto Hospital. This guy is definately motivated and amongst the finest in the Vision Correction industry.

I tell you this because the success of Lasik surgery is dependent upon the skill of the surgeon, unlike some of the earlier forms of laser surgery where anyone who could run a computer could perform the proceedure with less favorable and predictable results.

I would do some research with my emphasis on the numbers of surgeries performed by the surgeon (practice makes perfect) more than lets say 5,000 or more as well as they better have something like 92% or more of their patients ending up with 20/25 or better. Don't be afraid to travel to have the surgery done by the best, you can find a local eye doctor in most cases to handle your post-op care, which amounts to your basic eye tests recorded and sent back to the surgeon for 1 year after.

My pre-surgery sight was 20/200 with a severe astigmatisim, now almost 6 years later I still have 20/15 vision with absolutely no side affects.

In 1996 the cost for travel, hotel, meals for 2 days for both me and my dad, surgery and post-op care was $4,000.00. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

As I age I may need reading glasses, but so might any 36 year old with perfect vision, but then again I might not, it has nothing to do with the surgery.

This is a gift me and my wife will give to our children once they are grown, if needed.

My job has allowed my to deal with numerous lasik patients pre and post op. The procedure has been a blessing for most, but success is based on keeping expectations realistic.

first of all, lasik will decrease your dependency on glasses not eliminate them from your life completely. Some patients may not need them right away, but usually some long term drift occurrs as well as the onset of presbyopia (Greek "old eye") which is a loss of focusing that sets in around 40ish.

another problem with lasik is that the ablation of central corneal tissue can cause irregularities on the surface which can lead to dry eyes, light sensitivity and generalized discomfort, not to mention that in most cases soft contact lens users will be unable to resume using soft contacts after the procedure if the desired vision is not obtained. Upon testing patients I also find that in some cases they loose threshold sensitivity and have a hard time obtaining 20/20 vision even with correction.

there are other complications that occurr with much less frequency which can impact vision and overall eye health.

Again lasik is a great procedure, but surgery is surgery no matter how you look at it. My vision uncorrected is about 20/2000 (-7.00 diopters)and i can get the procedure done for free, but at this point have elected not to because I tolerate contacts well. when my contacts start to irritate or interfere with my riding i will be the first one in line to have it done. just remember the longer you wait the cheaper and better it gets.

"just remember the longer you wait the cheaper and better it gets."

Kinda' like VCR's!!!

Good point.

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