HELP-Valve stem seals crushed!!!!!

I have just taken the rocker cover off my XR600 (1994) and when I looked throught the valve springs I noticed that all of the valve stem seals seem crushed and the little retaining springs have popped off two of them. I fitted a white brothers all round power up cam not so long ago. I am guessing that the extra lift is making the valve spring cap hit the seals? I have set the standard valve clearances according to the honda manual, are these the correct clearances for this cam? It says that standard valve gear is ok with this cam on the white brothers site. Do I need to shorten the valve guides?

The engine runs perfectly and I wouldn't have noticed this other than removing the rocker cover to change the cam chain and tensioner.

Has anyone else seen this or do you have any ideas? I am completely lost now :thumbsup:

It's common practice to check spring retainer to guide top clearance with stem seal and should have .060 to .080 extra clearance between retainer and seal :devil:

Should always be done when changing valve lift with cam change or different ratio rockers.....................

I have seen many times guides move a little since day one or not exactly installed rite.

Always double check all clearances :thumbsup:

Thanks Frank,

There are only two seals crushed, one inlet and one exhaust. What do you think the solution is? Should I machine a little bit off the spring retainers until they clear? They can't be touching mush otherwise the rockers or cam would have been damaged.

Honestly I'd be afraid to grind the retainer,buttt????

A person should machine down the guide top or move down the guide to proper height.It sounds like there runnin awful close now,factory is probly not that exact on setting guide height.remaching the guide top is the correct way.

I'm sure you can see what thats gonna take to do !!!!!!

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