Off topic - good & crap day at the same time

Took the bikes out for a ride today. Just fitted a JD kit and was playing with the MJ on the 426. Got it going pretty good, and for a change I was riding it well :thumbsup:. Then my better 1/2 tells me 'the yz is making a whistleing sound'. She rides it about 100m back to the car. Motor is only about 3 tanks old since rebuild by yours truely. Checks it out, and it's very hard to turn over. The clutch basket has been sus for a while, so I suspected it let go. Got it home and pulled it apart. Clutch is all ok :devil: not good. Exhaust off, big score marks on piston. Hmm this is getting worse. Off with the head and barrel. Score marks are minor, not bad enough to cause the hard to turn over problem. Black non-metallic [@#$%&*!] under the piston and all over the crank. :awww: &%$#@! is that??? Split the cases. I sleeved the case where the main bearings go due to wear when I rebuilt it last. The Rh main bearing had let go in a big way, spinning the sleeve in the case. The bearing cage had ripped the crank seal to bits, and thats where all the black crap came from. Moral of the story... press the red button as soon as something doesnt sound or feel right. At least the 426 is going better than ever :lol:

hehe, i remember when i was about 16 i had just fit a new piston and rings to the old IT175, after saving up heaps of cash to buy them. So i take her outside to start after about 3months without riding i was KEEN as mustard to ride again. took about 20 kicks, finally started, then i heard the all too familiar metal/grinding/nasty sound. bike died, piston, barrel and rings all destroyed, since i was only young i didnt know you had to line up the rings properly on the piston...... :thumbsup:, i was NOT a happy camper after that happened, through my fullface into the shed and cracked it open.... another $300.... get the drift

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