scared to ride.....HELP

Ive had some minor injuries,and last dec. Broke my ankle in two places .I came up short on a double.My wife is a nurse and now is always telling me about young guys being parallized all the time where she works. Im 37 and love riding and think about it all the time. She has me scared.Now when I see someone in a wheelchair I get spooked. Is my riding time over. How do you kmow when its time to give up? Is it more dangerous to ride scared???HELP me out here guys. I am so confused .thanks John

I'm not stoppin' 'till I'm physically or mentally incapable of piloting a dirtbike. :thumbsup:

As for the fear thing... You could break you neck slipping on a grape in the grocery store... Just ride within your limits and wear protective gear... That's about as safe as you can get. If you're really that scared of life, might want to wear the helmet to the grocery store from now on. :devil:

This Thread popps up from time to time. I have fractured my back, Shattered my right arm, broken my tail bone, broke 2 bones in my right hand. The back and the tail bone happened at the same time. Before I started riding I had never broken a bone in body. I am still riding, you will do what you want to do! If your wife has scared you then dont ride anymore. My wife worries about me but we dont talk about it because I dont want her getting into my head. I ride because I love it and that is the bottom line. If you truley love it you will keep riding its that simple. Would you perfer to be hurt riding or stay healthy not riding? Because the chance is you will get hurt riding and we all live with that everytime we start our bikes. I Chose to Ride!!!! :thumbsup: Good luck! :devil:

Let me tell ya, I'm only 37, but after too many stacks and some injuries[mainly enduro] I've slowed right down now.

I let my mates race for the front all the time and watch them stack, it scares me coming around the next corner wondering if one of em's gunna be wrapped around a gum tree!

Anyway, I ride like an old woman and still enjoy a good days ride and know I'm coming home in one piece! :thumbsup:

Good luck deciding!

I quit riding when I was 17 and that was on a RM125. Three months ago at 35 I bought a '04 450 and started back riding. Everyone that asks me how long I've been riding and I tell them that I have'nt rode in almost 18 years and then they look at the bike I've got like I'm crazy. Just take it easy and ride a little more conservative. I don't ride nowhere near as hard as I used to but I still enjoy myself. I've got a wife, 2 kids (both boys), mortgage, you name it and I worry about getting hurt sometimes so I just ride within my limits. I'm I going to quit? Nope.Until I got back into mx I was riding sportbikes and the reason I quit that was because I could'nt keep it under 120mph and I figured it was only a matter of time before I ended up in jail or dead. Riding is my release. Without it I would probably be in jail. :thumbsup:

The decision to stop is a personal one. If you ride scared and attempt a jump only 1/2 way you will be hurt. Either do it or don't.

If you feel like you can go out and not hit the jumps and just ride and still enjoy it then do that. Consider if a nice pace of trail riding would be more enjoyable and less scary.

I'm 39 and I'm always nervous the days I go riding. Until I get there and start around the track then I just take each section at a time. If a jumps bad because of conditions for that day I don't do it. If it's good then ok. I never go out and say "this time I'm gonna hit this jump". I make up my mind just before I get there, but no hesitation!!! Hesitation kills.

Good luck finding your comfort zone again.

I raced pro from 1980 to 1983, I quit racing when My friends and heroes started getting hurt badly.

Donnie Hansen almost becoming a vegetable

Danny Magoo chandler becoming a quad

John Whelchel breaking his neck

I returned to racing in 2002 and i promptly Broke two collarbones that required surgery fractured my pelvis that thankfully did not require surgery. In November of 2003 I quit again, sold everything bought a Lincoln Navigator.

On my 39th birthday I bought myself a 2004 YZ 450 and I have been healthy ever since(knock on wood)I am riding twice a week on privately rented tracks (which is safer I think) My lap times are dropping and things are great. I have a new appreciation for the sport and hitting the ground, I feel like I can ride 9/10 and be relatively in control.

I'm still scared crappless of some stuff and have successfully avoided the big one.

Please don't sell everything, I see you have your bike for sale give it some time things may change if they don't you can sell it later.

Don't jump that double because everyone else is. Roll it, then smoke them in the corners.

I usually just ride in my comfort zone. If I am uncomfortable with a jump, rhythm or whoops section, I roll it and go home happy.

I'm sitting here with my leg cast up on the table reading all your posts. I'm 46 I race Oldtimer MX and this is my first bad break (tib and fib) I've been racing since I was 19. I agree with the guys who don't feel they have to jump everything to have a good time. I broke my leg on a little nothing of a jump. I still have a hard time believing I broke it, I never even crashed. I have crashed much harder many times and simply walked away.

I can't wait to ride again!

Wear all the safety equipment, ride within your limits, get and stay in shape, practice your skills. If you do all these things you will be as safe as possible, many of the guys I see crash, don't practice and are not in shape. They are just askin' for trouble IMO.

If you have doubts in your mind, the track is absolutely the last place to be. I found myself "thinking" instead of racing and I just decided I wasn't safe anymore on the track. It hurts to get broken up when you get my/our age. (I'm 45). I now just ride the occasional poker run and cow trail with the family and friends. Enjoyment is still there and I have a better time. Keep riding, stop worrying, just find your niche. :thumbsup:

I am buying the yz450f on Friday so this topic is definitely something I have been thinking about lately. Before now I used to own an old '81 kx420 and have ridden friend's bikes here and there. Safety is very important to me but then again I've been snowboarding for fifteen years and have only broken my thumb (knock on wood). I just stay in my element and don't go crazy - I'll be the same way on the dirt. Injuries are inevitable, anything fun in life has its risks - just play it safe and all will be well. :thumbsup:

Ive had some minor injuries,and last dec. Broke my ankle in two places .I came up short on a double.

Might seem like a silly Question, But did you have the right boots on :thumbsup:

I have decided to quit a couple of times, I agree with the other posts, hold on to your gear and your bike, it is unlikely that you will really quit. I broke a collar bone a couple of years ago and my wife asked me if it was really worth it, I did some soul searching and decided it was. I don't let it bother me that I watch the guys take a jump 100 times before I try it. The fear is the hardest obstacle to overcome, if you ride scared you ride stiff and you are far more likely to crash, as other have said start slow and work you way back into riding when you heal. I am 50 and figure I have many years of riding still in me.

Maybe you should try some trail riding? Some think it's soft compared to MX, but belting through single trail on a 426/450 is a great rush. If you have a competative spirit maybe try enduro or natural terrain MX. I'm pretty new to dirt bikes (12 months) and would never consider attempting a double or tripple, and always roll the whoops. I may look like a wus, but at least I can get up the next day and go to work.

For me, I made the decision to stay off the MX tracks(mostly) and tackle some good technical trials instead. I actualy enjoy the trail riding more now than the tracks. My decision was re-affirmed this past weekend when I went to a local crappy free-for-all type track due to time constraints. I was comming over the back side of a double and found myself starring at a some little kids on a quad comming right at me because they were going around the damned track backwards !! Almost gave me a heart attack ! I chased them down from the outside of the track and screamed at them until they got off the track all together, luckily before they did have a head on with someone else.

I ride pretty much 100% MX and agree whole heartedly with the stay in your comfort zone. The Kalifornia guys don't seem to have the luxery of not having a crowded track, which sucks for them. I usually go out late afternoon after most of the traffic has gone home. I don't like a packed track, it's just too dangerous for my tastes. I also don't jump the big jumps if I don't feel completely confident that day, it usually depends on track and weather conditions. If I start to get squirley and tired I quit, no one more go. I go to the track for the fun, my wife and I and whoever wants to join usually set up a good spot for the day and cook up some food. I wouldn't give it up, you'll just be back. Find your comfort zone and build confidence back up. My brother in Law doesn't jump anything over 30 ft, especially if it's a double and we still have a blast.

I'm am scared to go back as well. I have only been riding for 2 years and am now 34 and have had a few injuries. The latest was 2 months ago. I crashed on about a 60ft triple at Canyon Offroad Park. Made the Jump several times the week before, but looped out on this one. I pretty much looped it so bad that the bike didn't slow me at all, I just slammed into the dirt on my butt/back. My back has hurt for 2 months but seems to get better everyday. I am still swollen around my tail bone area. I am stubborn and never went to the doctor so do not know the extent of my injuries. I know my tail bone isn't broke though. I couldn't sit for almost three weeks. After reading these posts I will probably go back, but just take it a little easier (within my limits). If you want to see a pic of the bruise to top all bruises. Check out my web page.

Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will make your worst fears come true!

I also think about this all the time...broken my back and ankle, nearly bit my tongue off, and had sooo many wrecks that should have ended up very very badly...but I can't stop. I just ask my friends up above to watch out for me, and thank the heavens when I'm driving home in one piece. I agree with the grape and the grocery store, you could be paralyzed driving to work, or walking down the street, so enjoy life!!

I through my first leg over a bike at ... 29 i think (32 now) ... I have a pretty hardy frame (big bones) ... so I don't break easily ... I've cracked a rib ... popped my previously separated shoulders out a few times, etc. ... but bottom line is I'm addicted and if you wanna be healthy then work out (cardio and weight train) regularly and become a master of your bike. Trail ride a lot so you can be very comfortable at quickly adjusting to changing terrain. The older I get, the more I need to work out and ride .. and the less I need to eat :thumbsup:. Ride smart, ride confident ... know your bike.

AZbadboy dont be completely confident you didnt break your tailbone, my friend Gip (nickname) was paddled coming into freshmen year and the seniors broke his tailbone with their if something like a paddle can break your tailbone im sure landing on your ass from a triple sure can. for those of you who are worried, just remember that you couldnt appreciate the great times without the "dissapointments" as jeff emig said after he got uber messed up "no one rides for free" learn from what you did wrong and its up to you to do it better than last time or to stay away from it. good luck all of still waiting for my "big one" :thumbsup::devil::awww:


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