scared to ride.....HELP

I gave up riding 8 years ago while suffering from a tunnel carpel type condition in my hands. I just found out I could ride again after riding my brothers CR 250, and VOILA! I bought a bike right away.

However, at 35, my balls must be shrinking or something. :thumbsup: I don't look at monster supercross jumps with that sparkle in my eye as I did at 21 or even 27.

I'm finding that woods riding is offering a totally new challenge. It's frustrating to change terrain and not be as good or as fluid as I once was on a track, or even in the desert. I've been riding since 1972. From 1983 to 1993 I can think of only 4 times that I crashed. I was off my bike 5 times this weekend in the woods. :devil: Most of these 5 getoffs were at very slow speeds, and from fatigue. Difficult, frustrating, humiliating,etc. you bet!.... But also fairly safe, as you are at slower speeds and not going to come up short on a monster triple and end up seriously hurt. I suppose you could hit a tree or something, but I find it's a totally new challenge that fits my age, lifestyle, and apparent loss of courage (or newfound sanity). You could always check into a Trials bike too.

Best of Luck.

Learn to trust your feelings luke

Reach out beyond what you see

Ok serious, there is wisdom in those words. I ride to enjoy myself, I dont need no stinking doubles or table tops, or step ups to prove I can do it. I dont want to simply because I have a home to pay for, I need to work, my family depends on me and I soil my pants doing it :thumbsup:

As Skthom said, roll the doubles, smoke em in the corner. Along time ago before space flight became popular in MX. The rule of thumb was to keep the rear on the ground as much as possible (Aka Short Flight) Slow riders is slow riders, a slow rider will never catch a really fast rider, that is a given in the universeal law of slow riders.

Bottom line Ride to enjoy yourself and go home healthy, I hate jumpin

Man, thats sum major bruisin, looks like u got pounded by an elephant :devil:.

Hope your better now anyway :thumbsup:.

Don't let fear turn you into a couch potato. There are many ways to enjoy a dirt bike, MX is just one of them.

I really enjoy trail riding MX is just a little bit to crazy.

Don't sweat it. Get back on and ride. I've been on 2 wheels 37 of my 40 and believe me I've enjoyed my share of wounds. But like the old saying goes "Live to Ride, Ride to Live". Ride to live means alot to me and I think alot of others too. You can't just give up the one thing that keeps your heart beating. Giving up cigs, now that's a tuffy but it can be done! Giving up riding...give me death instead. I was out on my Harley last weekend and saw an old bud I used to ride with. He's on crutches and his old rat bike is totalled. He's talking about what he's gonna buy next. I suggested he go back on the dirt like I did...get out there and hang it out when ya need too. He refused as I thought he would, but it was worth a try. When I was 5 I saw a cat slam into the side of a car and convuls and, well you know how it goes. My mother swore there'd never be another motorized 2 wheeler in our garage again! Of course that didn't work out to well for her since at that time we had a machine shop and were making custom forks for trikes and choppers....ah the 60's and 70's were great growing up! So biking be in the blood from the word go for all of us. Hike up the straps, and get on and take it slow...get into the trails. My son and I have a blast on the trails and believe-you-me, it's a rush sprinting on the old harescramble tracks like I did as a kid. Just don't give up the one and only thing that makes sense in life!

First I gotta say, D@MN!!! That was a nasty looking BRUISE!!!!

I started riding dirt bikes when I was 32, rode for about a year and quit because I got freaked out after a guy died from a crash while I was out on the track. I kept my gear because I knew someday I'd ride again. I only lasted about 6 months before getting another bike (that was this past October). I've crashed dozens of times, 95% have been in corners with no serious injury. I started racing this year and at times question the wisdom of engaging in this sport. Comparing the risks of slipping on a grape in a grocery store to launching a 250 lb motorcycle 30 feet or more in the air is pretty silly. Obviously this is a risky sport that rivals most others in the danger factor. I find myself thinking about getting faster and trying new jumps. It scares me to know that the faster and better I get, the higher the risk. I'm glad for threads like this as it helps keep me grounded and to help me remember my limits.

Don't feel pressured to continue riding. If your scared of being injured, take a break from riding. Maybe sell your bike and see how you feel about it after several months or more.

Update to my previous post. I was invited to go to Canyon Raceway this past Fri. and accepted. Got back on my bike and felt great. Two month and 2 days since my injury. I took it slow a few laps and rolled everything. After that, I jumped a couple small tables to get the feel of the bike in the air. I then tried a pretty intimidating step up called Homicide. Not real hard but looks it because you are coming out of a pretty deep canyon at a steep grade. I am one to always tell myself commit and do it or don't try. I got on the gas a little late and decided to back out of it. Thought I slowed enough to be ok, but ended up slamming the face of the step up. Got pretty swapped out on the rebound but didn't crash. A lap or two later I was all in at 3rd pinned (only requires maybe 3/4 in 3rd though). I wanted to make sure I didn't come up short. You can over shoot this one a long ways and it is still a nice landing. Did that jump and a few other smaller ones for the rest of the night and I was stoked. Couldn't have been a better night to go too. The wind was blowing some Monsoon rain into the rest of the Valley just before I got there so it was nice and cool all night. Did I mention I am stoked!! :awww::lol::thumbsup::devil:

good to hear you got back on man...good for you. now dont

wreck :thumbsup: haha....ride on man :devil:


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