Siezed Kick Starter! HELP!!!

I was out riding yesterday at a track for a little over a two hours. We were taking a lot of water breaks since the temp was over 100, so I was not running my bike the entire time.

Anyway, here goes. 01 YZ 426, bike was running great on the track and the it started to bog a little. I thought I was running out of gas so I was going to head back to the truck when it stalled. I was on a hill so I just bump started it. It started and went about 30 feet before it stalled again. Looked in the tank to confirm, but there was still gas. Tried to kick start it and the more I tried the harder the compression got. Tried to bump start it and got nothing. At this point the kick start lever will not move at all.

I checked the compression lever and it is working properly (or so it appears). I just wanted to post the problem and get some input before I start taking things apart. Any suggestions?

I am no expert but it sounds to me like your bike has run out of oil and seized on you. When was the lst time you changed it? You could have a block in a line or something that is preventing the oil from flowing even if you have the correct amount of oil in your resevoir. Hope this helps.



Sounds like you and I have identical problems. See this thread: click here

I'm doing what freestyle111 said - "cry."

It sounds like you are unsure as to what to do next. Here is my advice since it appears that you, like I, are not interested in tackling bottom end work - do NOT take it to a dealer. Take it to a reputable race shop in your area instead. Someone who supports local races, has experience with YZF's, etc.

I am sure that you could send your engine out as well. There are plenty of TTers who could make a recommendation for you. I chose to drop off my whole bike at my race shop since it was only $60 to remove/replace the engine.

I feel for you man.


Steve Th

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Freestyle111, I have been crying.

Skthom2320, read your post and I am crying even more now. I guess I will wait to see what you post on Tuesday about your results at the shop.

By the way, I am still crying. I guess this would be a good time to go pour a drink.

it sucks,but crying is all you can do[except maybe going out into garage with sledgehammer and start smashing bike into scrap metal.]ive had 3 or 4 motors grenade on several different bikes.its never funny and always costly.i wish there was something i could say that would help but i really doubt my words will fix a empty wallet.sounds like both of you performed bike maintenance regularly.thats just about all you can do "SH!T happens".just think you guys will have nice fresh motors[full of zipp] next time you go riding.if you can afford gas :)

Make sure it is a bottom end deal first by taking off the valve cover and seeing if disabling the cam chains allow the engine to turn. If it does turn, your problem lies in the plain bearings of the camshafts.

Then start crying. Id go with something like, ' oh please no, not the head, oh god the head, WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA, where am i gonna get a head?WWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

PFT! (beer can opening) Oh well, maybe I should stroke it to 63.5 mm and go to a 97mm piston, that will get me 469cc and some hot cams, wahoo nobody will catch me!!

I changed the oil about two weeks ago. Including yesterdays ride it has two rides on it. Your suggestion does make sense, I will go and check this out. Any suggestions as what to do if this is the case?

Sorry to tell you this main, but I bet you a dollar a donut that you have a seized rod bearing. Your detailed explanation fit my last ride to a tee. See my reply under to the "Bad day, '01 426 seized" thread posted today. Again, sorry man.

Well, I am still cyring! I stop to try to figure out which route I will take to resolve this problem and I just start crying more. I have read the responses to the post Skthom2320 put out there and it looks like I have three options.

Option 1: Take it to a shop.

Would get bent over for what I am thinking would be about a couple of grand.

Option 2: Tear down the engine myself.

How much worse can it get? I can try to see what exactly is seized and try to put it all back together again. No telling how much parts would cost depending on what is damaged.

Option 3: Part it out.

This route just seems like a big pain. Trying to get the most for parts and mailing them out wile trying not to get ripped off. Plus, I have no idea how much I would be able to get back by parting it out.

To be honest, I am leaning toward option 2. I have never torn down an engine before, but at this point what have I got to lose? Man this sucks! Well, let me know what you guys think about my options.

Thanks, and I appreciate your help thus far.

Here's the way I see it:

If you fix the bike, it will then be worth market value for an '01, probably net to you of $3500-3750. (see So if it costs you $2000 for repair, then parting out the bike must net you $1500-1750 to be equivalent to fixing it. Probably tough to do. If you do part it out, you've got to find another bike, new or used, your choice. If you fix it, you know what you've got. If you fix it yourself, or at least mostly (machine shop repairs, other outsourcing, etc), you'll maybe spend less than $1000 on parts, maybe a bit more. But, you'll know the bike inside and out, know that it was fixed right, and save a grand. If you think it's over your head, that's nothing a $30 repair manual,a few six packs for the knowledge of some riding buddies, and some additional posts to TT can't fix.

Unless you're flush with cash to buy a new bike, I say, "dig in". Good luck.

if you never tore a motor down you should NOT try to tear it down yourself.professional mechanics have special tools needed to do the job would be like trying to perform a surgical procedure.only in this case it would be you bike that would suffer and not a if you work on it first the mechanic will have a good excuse to bend you over and say, "you look just like a hog"......leave it alone ...get an expert to do it.don't be a hammerhead!

DHowell, tear into it. dont listen to the scaredy cats. There is no voodoo going on in there. Hell the engine is way more simple than the exploded veiw of the engine in the book. Just take your time. And LOOK at everything.

I split the cases on my first engine at 13. I did it without a manuel, and the bike still runs to this day. And yep it was a fourstroke. A little honda 100. It was 168cc when it went back together. You can do it. the only real special tools are some large sockets really. Ya dont need all the little holders and manufacturing gismos that Yamaha sells. If you use your head, you can do this. Just make sure you have a large, clean area to work with. Some parts youll need to take to the shop for repair. Like the crank. Unless you have a press and a truing stand, you'll have to have the crank done. But assembly and disassembly, you can do yourself. The guys that just take stuff in to be fixed are either rich, lazy or both.

I was rebuilding brakes in my dads garage at 9 years old. As shawn stated, the engine is not a complicated thing.

Tear into it , the experiance is more then you will ever need....

Get a shop manual and remove the engine. Clean it first. Then follow the procedures for stripdown. You will soon discover the problem. Then just repair or get repaired the necessary components. It's not rocket science. You'll probably get great satisfaction from doing it yourself. If you are totally mechanically clueless, however, take it to a shop and ask them to find out what's wrong and give you a quote to fix it. Good luck.

Option 4-check your P.M.s dhowell

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You're out alot of money either way...take it apart yourself.

Buy yourself a box of ziplock freezer bags and a black magic marker. Get your ice chest out. When you take a bolt off..label a baggie and place it in the ice chest. Don't put too much in one bag and keep it related.... Example: Valve cover and bolts. That's it. Get out a new bag.

You will be surprised how easy a 4 stroke motor is to work on...and with your bags keeping everything in cronological can't go wrong.

If you get into a bind and can't figure something out...get on this forumn and get some advise and you'll get it done...and learn a lot in the process. Just take your time and be patient....keep the beer drinking to minimum...I still can't find half the parts to my swingarm :)

Dam Budweiser!!!!!!!!

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