Slide plate specifics/designs

Just got an 02 YZ426 and really don't like the slide plate on it. It may be stock, not sure, but it doesn't help protect the frame tubing. In fact, you can tell the tubing has taken a few bad hits.

What slide plate(s) protect the frame tubing as well as the botton end? I'd rather lose 1/2 cm of clearance for the trade in protection. Also, any that also offer oil pump protection (with the big wings on the sides like enduro slideplates)?

Big help. BTW, these bikes rule. I'm in love with it! Thank God I didn't go smaller bore.

Thanks, Devin

Come on now. Someone out there has to have compromised protection for weight/size. My fat ass is going to seriously damage my frame without a bigger skid plate. I seriously don't want to weld one together out of mild steel...heavy

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