sorry...2smoke question but you guys are EXPERTS

Alright, I'm sick and tired of waiting for somebody to come out with a 4 stroke 125/150 that can COMPETE with the 80's smokes. yeah yeah...BBR this BBR that....I don't have 10 grand to spend!

Which of the current 02 or 03 80's has the best low to mid range power? My girlfriend is outgrowing the TTR125L so I need to get a better track bike for her.

RM85/CR85/KX85 or YZ85?

Or the KX100

How much more torque/power will the KX100 have over the 80's? and is it significant?


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Go with the KTM they are the best

they don't have an 80

the kx100 seems to be a popular girlfriend ride. The power can be tamed with a 12 oz. flywheel weight.

I've been out of the mini's loop for some time, but back in the day the RM was the only 80 with a power valve. That tended to give it good broad power. I don't know if this is still true but it's worth looking into.

You may want to compare against something like a kx100 with a pipe aimed at bottom to mid power.

I guess the biggest question is what's her riding style and where will she be riding most often?

I don't think a mini two stroke would be a good idea. If your looking for a kx100 or an 80 you would be better off getting her a yz250f. She won't outgrow that for sure.

Another thing, if she gets off a lugging ttr125 and gets on a little screamer with HARD hitting power band like an 80 she might not talk to you again. Just a thought.

another option is the CR80E. It's the big wheel version. Not quite as big of a frame as a 125 but much more roomy than the CR80R. It comes with bigger tires and a little bit nicer engine as far as I am concerned.

You could also look at the xr250. not much of a track bike but they run forever.

Damn, I sound like a honda salesman :)

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She and I ride mostly track 95% of the time. She can ride my 450 but she can't stop. It would tip over cuz she's not tall enough to reach the ground.

The TTR as we all know can't take jumps. We've shattered the rear wheel on landy twice already. It sucks.

She would rather ride a 4stroke but there's none out there. Damm!

What is the reason the factories are not making mini motorcross thumpers? agh!

I would get her either a KX100 or a KDX200 or that new Suzuki sport quad. I rode my girlfriends honda 400ex around the track it was awesome. The thing toke the jumps really good.

I would get her either a KX100 or a KDX200 or that new Suzuki sport quad. I rode my girlfriends honda 400ex around the track it was awesome. The thing toke the jumps really good.

I would go with a kx100. I am pretty shure it does have a power valve, so it does make decent low end. It is a little torquier than an 80 and a little bigger. I would stay away from the cr and yz because their power output is aimed toward faster and more experienced riders.

I heard from BBR that they work closely with the factories designing the 4 stroke mx bikes and Yamaha has indicated that they just don't think they can make a competitive 80 legal bike under the existing displacement rules. I would have to imagine when 2 strokes are a thing of the past would be the soonest you will see an 80 legal fourstroke from a manufacturer. As for your girlfriend you will have to buy 2 stroke if she wants/needs mx, otherwise I would stick with a 4 stroke trail bike. The only tradeoff is weight.

What about the TTR-225?

The TTR 225 sounds like a good idea, but dont be tempted. It weighs more than your CR 450 with you sitting on it, holding a 50 lb bag of dogfood. Why the dogfood? To feed it to the TTR. Well, not that much, but they are heavy. I rode a BBR modified TTR 225. It was built in a CR 125 frame. Beautiful bike. It would not even wheelie. Asking price was 10,000. The bike had been sold seven or eight times.

I would either find a decent used 80 (sure, right) or shorten the fork and shock on a full sized bike to make it easier for her to touch the ground.

How about getting her a 250F or a 125 and send the suspension to Devol and have it cut down. With the suspension cut, seat foam trimmed, & sub frame lowered you could get it to fit her pretty good. As far as stock bikes go I see alot of KX-100 ridden by girls at tracks.

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I think that now the CR80 is the only one without a power valve. I just sold a CR80E, and I wouldn't reccomend it for a beginner. Without the power valve the power band is brutal. If I were buying a new 80, I would go with the YZ85 or KX85.

Get her a YZ 250F......

lower it........

than give her your 450 and you ride the 250F :)

Now if they ride MX 95% of the time, why would she want a quad or a TTR?

Lets see here, I have me goggles, fire proof hat, gloves, fire boots, ok, Im flame proof now. Opps forgot the giant flame proof overcoat, ok now, here we go!

Go buy your girl friend a new CRF230. Its a foo foo bike with decent suspension, and a mellow motor.

Is it gettin hot in here

my wife rides a kx 100...all i did was put a 12 ounce steahly flywheel on it son rides a kx 85 that is tricked..she dont like his bike..says it hits to hard :) but loves her 100..this is her 2nd one..she rode a 4 stroke and didnt like the weight or the starting part..

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