sorry...2smoke question but you guys are EXPERTS

Get the KX 100 without question. It is fast. It is LIGHT. It is excellent for learning the gears and is a bike she can move around without the bike moving her around. And I won 2 National races on it. If she doesn't weight more than 130 and isn't taller than 5'-6", the KX is BY FAR the best choice. This is experience speaking.

KX100 it is then. :)

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If you get her the KX100 will you be able to keep up with her?

I was at a Yamaha Dealer in the Atlanta area a couple of weeks ago looking at a YZ85 for my son. The salesman, who seemed pretty knowledgable about offroad bikes, mentioned Yamaha was going to be coming out with a 4-stroke 150 later this year. It is designed to be a competitive 4-stroker in the 85cc class.

It is supposed to be a hybrid like a spunkier version of the TTR engine with the YZ suspension.

Sounded interesting anyway. My son opted for the YZ 85 and it is a screamer.

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