First trail ride!-have I got a problem?

Went for the first proper trail ride day on my new 04 wr450 yesterday, bike ran pretty well, but I reckon it is running a bit weak, so needs a re jet. Did about 140 miles, about 80 or so off road. nly thing that could keep up from the group was a cr 450, not road legal!! I had a go on it and it was ballistic compared to the WR, soooo punchy, part down to the gearing, but definately more ooommph than the Yam.

Anyway, I was happy, but noticed something I have not noticed before, and dont know if it is a problem. I stalled the bike, and it rolled backwards a little in gear. As it did, I could hear w "whirring" noise, that I am pretty sure was the starter motor turning? It does not do it if you rollit forwards in gear, only reverse.Is this normal, or is the starter gear engaging when it should not be?

I would appreciate it if anyone else with a 04 or 04 starter gear, could check if their machine does the same, as my dealer has only sold one of these, (to me!!) and does not know if its normal or not!

Cheers for any help, guys :thumbsup:

My 03 does the same thing, I was stuck on a hill when I first noticed it. Im assuming its normal :thumbsup:

I hope

That's normal. The starter on the wr doesn't work like one on a car, instead it uses a one-way overrunning clutch and the gears are always engauged. My bike does the same thing also.

I dont know about 450 in particular, but all electric start bikes I have worked on have a 1 way starter clutch, which will do exactly as you explained

Cheers guys!! Phew I was a bit worried!

Bike ran well overall for a first proper hard run out. I am going to mess with the jetting a bit though, its a bit weak i reckon!

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