Sunday project-Stripped out and over tightened stator bolts

I'd like to start off by saying the factory does not torque things to spec.. Due to this I have one stripped out stator bolt and one that came out with no problems. The upper one with the blue mark(assume that means it was QC'd) will not come out. I've used all the "right" tools and had to resort to an impact driver to get it out. I have no idea what to do next, tap and dye kit? Trash the case cover and rotor and chaulk it up as a loss(Hope not).

Any one have the same experience or some constructive advice? Thanks.

All this so I can send it back to Baja to float the ground. This better be worth it is all I have to say.. :thumbsup::devil:

After searching I found someone that had used a Dremal to convert the bolt back into something remove-able. After 10 minutes of Dremaling I was able to get something to grip onto. This site rocks and has saved my a$$ once again. :thumbsup:

My dremmel saved me more than once! :thumbsup:

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